19 November 2014

Godrej Nature's Basket Gift Hamper Review!!

Recently, I received a Godrej Nature's Basket hamper at a blogger's event by Godrej Interio.
Godrej Nature's Basket, Jam, Chocolate, Chips, Apricots, Online Shopping
About Godrej Nature's Basket: Godrej Nature’s Basket is the retail venture of Godrej Group and is today India’s foremost retail destination for fine foods from across the world. Started in 2005 as a single fresh food store, they have today morphed into a 32-store chain of premium gourmet stores strategically located at high street locations in Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Their in-store culinary workshops by renowned chefs and food experts are much celebrated. These mouthwatering sessions ensure that foodies across India celebrate fine food at its’ very best!
Godrej Nature's Basket, Jam, Chocolate, Chips, Apricots, Online Shopping
The hamper is a wicker basket, decorated with a fabric(I don't know what that fabric is, looks like coir/jute) and a bow. I loved the look of the hamper and everything in it. So here is a review of all the products it had,
Quantity: 80gm 
Price: Rs. 199 
Its made of 100% Coverture Belgium Chocolate(which contains extra cocoa butter), the caramelized orange rinds gives it a citrus flavour. The citrus flavour makes if different from regular dark chocolates, and the flavour remains on your palate even after you have finished eating it.
Quantity: 120gm 
Price: Rs. 450 
Its a pack of 9 assorted chocolates which includes Orange Praline, Blueberry, Raspberry, Mango, Honey Crunch, Lemonade, Hazelnut, Pistachio and cherry. Each flavour has unique and sinful taste and just melts in your mouth. I tried the lemonade flavour for the first time and liked it, though my favourite of all is the Raspberry one.

Product Name: Lady Liberty - Flavored Tortilla Chips(Ranch flavour)
Quantity: 170gm
Price: Rs. 250
Its crunchy and crispy, and zero trans fat. Looked for what Ranch is and this is what Google says, "a type of thick white salad dressing made with sour cream". Am not sure how exactly ranch tastes, but this chips is tangy and salty, and leaves your tongue creamy after eating. It can be served with sauces and dips. I liked munching it just like that, but it tasted heavenly with cheese dip. Other flavours include Chili, Jalapeno and Nacho Cheese.

Godrej Nature's Basket, Apricots, Rostaa Apricots, Food
Product Name:  Apricots by Rostaa
Quantity: 200gm
Price: Rs. 280
Rich in vitamin A, Potassium and filled with flavour, these Turkish Apricots are moist, chewy and fresh. Its a quick and easy snack for busy days and for travels. It comes in a resealable pack, which helps maintain the freshness and makes in travel friendly.

Godrej Nature's Basket, Honey, Healthy, Food
Quantity: 200gm
Price: Rs. 230
A product of 'Under the Mango Tree', claims to be 100% natural honey. A perfectly nutritious for kids and immunity booster.
Godrej Nature's Basket, Pico, Jam, Mixed Berries Jam, Food
Product Name: Pico Mixed Berry Jam
Quantity: 100gm
Price: Rs. 210
This mixed berry jam is not overly sweetened, to make the actual flavours of the fruits standout. It can be either used as spread or as ingredient in baking cakes and muffins. My daughter is very much fond of berries and liked its flavour.

Godrej Nature's Basket, Pico, Jam, Red Pepper Jam, Food
Product Name: Pico Red Pepper Jam
Quantity: 100gm
Price: Rs. 210
Red pepper is one of the uncoventional ingredient for jam, but it just tastes delicious. It has a smoky and sweet flavour of roasted bell peppers. My daughter didn't like this because of the smoky flavour.
Godrej Nature's Basket, L'Exclusif, Roasted Peanuts, Food
Product Name: L'Exclusif Flavoured Peanuts
Crunchy, roasted peanuts flavoured with exotic herbs and olives. It contains peanuts, traces of soya and milk. Its a quick and easy snack to munch on. Their other flavours include Jalapeno Scorcher, Fiery Wasabi and Classic Cheese 'N Onion.

Godrej Nature's Basket, L'Exclusif, Roasted Potato Chips, Food
Product Name: L'Exclusif Roasted Potato Chips(Tangy Tomato)
Quantity: 80gm
Price: Rs. 99
These are carefully sun-dried and hand-roasted potato chips, retaining wholesome goodness. So you can be guilt free of having as many, as these are roasted ones. Can be served with L'Exclusif premuim sauces and dips like Mexican Salsa, Singapore Chili sauce and Eggless Mayonnaise. Their other flavour include Masala and Lime, Sour Cream Onion. 

All the products taste exotic and yum. Do visit Godrej Nature's Basket website or their stores(locate their stores here) to shop food items and their festival Hampers.

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