1 June 2013

A Connected Evening Indi, Hum Tum and Me

Wow, that was my first Indiblogger Meet and i was all excited... The meet was Zee TV Sponsored for the launch of Connected Hum Tum series which starts from 3rd of June. 
Connected Hum Tum
The meet was suppose to be at 7pm at The Leela.. I left home with my daughter at 5, as i had to drop her at my hubby's office at Sakinaka, which is just a few miles from the venue.. Anyways my hubby agreed to drop me to the venue at nth moment. I entered the venue and found few groups of bloggers. As this was my first meet, i didn't have anybody whom i knew.. I was all alone, looking for a lone blogger to whom i could speak to. Then came Upanasa and Nikitha, and i joined them... The Registration started by around 7:15, followed by few games, which were real fun.. Then was 50 secs of fame, where few blogger were selected in random to introduce themselves. Meanwhile there were few tweet contests. Then was THE twist in the event, all six contestants of  Connected Hum Tum were settled amongst the bloggers and the challenge was to recognize and get our pic clicked with them. The first one to finish all six was supposed to be awarded with Nokia Lumia... I ran in search of them, got all six and ran back to the host... Then came another girl with her finished pics, they declared it to be a tie and asked us to go for an arm wrestling to break the tie. I was defeated in no time, and that's how i lost that Nokia Lumia. 
Then, the stage was over to the Hum Tum team, intro of all the contestants, promos of the series, an interactive session with the team.
The show is all about six courageous women of different ages and on the brink exciting crossroads in their lives, who will put their innermost hoes, fears, insecurities, mistakes, triumphs, joys and sorrow out there for the world to see... These participants take hand held HD cameras and record themselves in their own houses, capturing all that they say and do in their most personal space. They will shoot themselves as they go to work, step out to shop or attend class.
I started my blog when i was in search of a platform to share my views and my feelings, but still its not that i blog about each and every thing. There are certain things which i would like to keep it for myself and so are called personal things. Capturing all that you say and do in your most personal space really needs courage.
Each one of them in the show is leading a different life from one another, a brand manager,  a dentist, a RJ, a corporate producer, a struggling actress, a theater producer... Connected Hum Tum, is where we connect our lives with the lives of those six ladies at one or the other instances of the life. Or we are living a life which is more or less similar to them. What your turn would be when you are in that situation, that thought might help you in resolving your own personal issues. Will the show guide you to lead a better life? Am looking forward to watch the show, which will be on air Monday to Friday 10PM on Zee TV, hosted by Abhay Deol. And Contestants Pallavi Burman(30, fashionable shopaholic, brand manager), Malishka Mendonca(34, Mumbai's No. 1 radio jockey), Sonal Giani(26, activist, theatre producer),  Madhavi Mauskar(53, foreign languages expert, corporate producer), Preeti Kochar(33, dentist, belly dance instructor), Mahima Chaudhary(25, struggling actress). 
Finally the group pic and we headed home with an Indi T-shirt after a dinner.
Image Courtesy Indiblogger
That's all about that Connected Evening between Indi, Hum Tum and Me.

This post is an entry for ZeeTV "Connected Hum Tum" and Indiblogger contest. 


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all!!

    1. Yes magiceye, had grt time, were you there at ystrday's meet??