10 February 2017

Happy To Share - II

Few months back I had shared, I took up running since last year and had shared few of my Finishers Medals. Though I didn't get to be part of much of the marathons this year, one of me and hubby's last year's Walkathon(MaxBupa, Walk for health) pic was published in Times of India, Mumbai edition on 21st Jan, a big surprise on my birthday. Then after the pic was printed again on 28th Jan in Mumbai Times, then in Delhi and Bengaluru Times.
Pic courtesy The Times Group
Walkathon is lined up in Mumbai on 12th Feb, Delhi on 19th Feb and Bengaluru on 26th Feb. I will be walking in Mumbai on 12th Feb. Rangoon star Kangana Ranaut will be there to flag off this walkathon.  Join the fun walk with family and friends here.

31 January 2017

Lal Bagh Flower Show..

Few of the best auctions to visit Bengaluru is during Independence day and Replublic day to catch with the biannual flower shows at Lal Bagh or during Christmas and New year for Cake Show. While many touristy places and shows have come up in Bengaluru off late, the flower show which was started 2 centuries ago has become an historical event and attracts visitors equally.
We were in Bengaluru during  this Republic day for my niece's naming ceremony. We reached Bengaluru on 26th January and the whole route from Corporation to Jayanagar, via Lal Bagh was packed because of heavy traffic at Lal Bagh entrance for flower show. We planned for 27th morning, being a working day so that we could visit the show in ease. It was hubby and kiddo's first visit to flower show of Lal Bagh and both were eagerly waiting after seeing photographs of previous shows.
Replica of Gol Gumbaz
The main attraction of the show is the replica of monuments made from flowers at the Glass House. This year's monument was of Bijapur's Gol Gumbaz. Made of different colours of roses, the replica takes the center of the glass house with different plants and flowers arranged around. 
The whole park is laid with numerous colorful flowers. Its just not the colours but also medicinal plants, fruit plants, herbs, bonsais which add to the show. There are also stalls set up which sell organic, herbal, eco-friendly stuff encouraging visitors to go green. Saplings and flowers are spread through out the park apart from the Glass House.
Floral Carpets
Kiddo named this smiley flower, doesn't it look like a smiley?
Do check out my previous post on Lal Bagh and Glass House to own more about the park and plan a visit.

4 November 2016

Skywatch - Sabarmati River Front!!!

"Cleanliness starts at home", that is what we felt when we visited the Riverfront Park on the Bank of Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad. The Riverfront Park is so neatly maintained and stands to our PM Modhiji's Swach Bharat campaign.

There is play area for kids and don't expect any good food at the shops on the river front. Best time to visit is evening, when you can spend time in the park and enjoy the park in light as well.
Sabarmati Ashram as seen from Sabarmati River Front

Happy Skywatching!!!