25 November 2014

Celebrate Bandra 2014

Celebrate Bandra, is an Art Festival held in Bandra, a Western Suburb of Mumbai. The event gives a platform for professional and budding artists to showcase their talent. As part of the event are installations, at Bandstand and Carter Road Promenades. Also are musical performances, workshops, walks, food festival scheduled at different places in Bandra. You can check the schedule on their website.
Here is a Photo essay of few of the installations at the Fest,
An installation representing of one of the Aasanas of Suryanamaskara
Coki Cola(the couple), where male is illustrated with a blue bottom and red top(representing hot head). In contradictory female is represented by red bottom and blue top. The installation represents teenage love, the pleasure of looking at each other.

An installation, where women is represented by a train. The train moving through each station, showcases the role played by women in every day life, with the caption, "Stop Burdening her, she is not a SUPER HUMAN".


Art from scrap

A gallon turned into a bench

Fusion of rocking chair and reclining chair made of Bamboo and other scrap materials

Optical illusion "Face of India", Mr. Amitabh Bacchan, make of scrap

Other side of the installation
"Knowledge is Wealth", a man sitting on stacked books. With fire, representing his quest for knowledge

"Way to Move Ahead" in life, just as in any game
Spider webs on the Tree, made of ropes
An installation made of old cds 

"Space for Romance", a heat map of Couples at Carter Road ;) ;)
There were  more installations at the Fest and few were still in making, as it was just the second day of the Fest.
The installations are through "Palette for change", a community of artists. You can as well click selfies with the installations, and share on their facebook page.

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