5 March 2013

Who wouldn't love to accompany a pilot at the cockpit!!

Four large screens, few displace screens something like CRT's which i had worked with, in my Engineering course, and lots of switches, these were what i could find just in front of me sitting next to a trainer inside one of the simulators in Emirates Aviation College.
The Simulator artificially re-creates aircraft flight. This includes the equations that governs how aircraft fly, how they react to applications of their controls and how they react to environmental factors such as air density, turbulence, cloud, precipitation, etc. Could find the visual views of landing and take off from almost all the major airports of the world. 

Other real size flight models for training purposes...

Emirates Airlines is one of the fastest growing airlines which is based in Dubai. They have their Aviation college which offers a diverse range of professional vocational training programmes. Thanks to the logistic team of Emirates Airlines for allowing us to visit the college. The pictures were clicked with my mobile so they are not so clear, and no photography was allowed inside simulator.


  1. Your mobile shots are good. Using the flight simulator would be fun to see how far I get before I crash.

  2. @Shiju Sugunan: True, thanks for dropping in...