16 March 2013

Evening Admist Crowd KGAF-13

After hearing so much about Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2013, we planned to go on 9th Feb, the day just before the closing and a Saturday. That was the biggest mistake we could ever make. First of all there was such a long queue at the security check-in for ladies. Somehow managed to clear in 5 mins... Once we got in, it was so crowd that we couldn't even stand at any of the visual arts.. Heard, even few visual were already been damaged. 
Kala Ghoda Arts Festival hosted by Kala Ghoda Association draws attention to its unique and beautiful area which was formed with the objective of maintaining and preserving the heritage art. The festival heralds vibrancy, drama, excitement and the beautiful colours of culture. You have music, dance, theater, literature, street stalls, films, workshops for adults and children, visual arts and heritage walks.

Fish made of CDs

Go green
Visual art of Dabba wala

The below visuals were by Department of Civil Defense,

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