28 March 2013


From Gorur, we headed to Ramanathapura which is around 25kms. It was 10 AM by the time we reached here and unfortunately the temple was closed. 
Situated in the bank of Kaveri, Ramanathapura is called Dakshina Kashi. This is another Hoysala structure which resembles Belur and Halebidu. There are temples dedicated to Subramanya Swamy, Pattabi Ramachandra which are built in the Dravidian Style. Also are the temples of Laxminarasimha and Prasanna Rameshwara. It is said that Sri Ramanujacharya, the founder of Vishishtadvaitha philosophy had visited Ramanathapura.
Apart from the main temples, there are other small temples on both banks of the river.

From Ramanathpura we headed to the Hanging bridge at Konanur which is at about 5kms. 
Built across Kaveri this hanging bridge is the second largest hanging bridge in Karnataka. It facilitates easy movement for pedestrians from Konanur to Kattepura village. There are also temples of historic importance in Konanur village.

During Mansoons, the sight here is really beautiful and breathtaking.
Here as well we can find temples on the banks of the river.


  1. You may not have snow, but what wonderful historical treasures you are showing! Thank you for sharing a part of your world. I had to keep scrolling down and down to see more!

  2. That bridge is amazing!! The temple looks very cool too!

  3. i was born the same town- konanur. feeling so happy to see it those pics

    1. Thank you, Rakesh.. Good to hear that you are from this place. Thank you for dropping in..

    2. Im Meghana , Im from kattepura village.. You took nice pics of our surrounding.. you have done nice job to introduce our world to entire world..

  4. Im also from kattepura.. its very nice to see these pics ... you have done the nice job by capturing our world and showing that to entire world...

  5. very nice pics... Thanks to showing our world to entire world...