11 February 2016

Mahindra Blazo, #SmartTrucking...

I have never stuck to one travel mode in my travels. Have traveled in the State Road Transports in the Himalayan roads, to the awesome drive on one of the best National Highways of the country Mumbai-Pune expressway. From the country roads on rural Karnataka to the lone deserted roads of Kutch. All that counts for me is my time and the load on my pocket. Remember long traffic jams on the flyovers and highways, when heavy trucks breakdown at mid of the road or when your car broke down at the mid of a lone road and you had a real bad time in finding a garage to fix it. Through different journeys we get to meet different people and get to collect different memories. I still remember one of my bus journeys from Pune back to Mumbai. We were travelling by the Shivaneri bus service, the A/C bus service which plays between Mumbai and Pune. Our bus met with an accident with a truck at the toll. The truck registration number read from my native, when I checked with the driver about his place in Kannada, the person was so touched that I even bothered to speak to him. The littlest joy I could give him when he was really bothered about the incident made my travel memory even more memorable. Every morning I cross a checkpost while going to office, on one side of the road are the trucks which are lined up to clear their permit to enter the city limit, every truck reminds me of that incident. These trucks even make me think of the increasing fuel price which is badly effecting our livelihood. The trucks which carry the market loads and food grains, to the trucks which carry the construction needs, the parcel carrying truck which delivers your online shopped stuff home or the shipping container carrying truck which gets the shipped products made at a way long place from your home to your place, or the milk truck which carries your first meal of the day to the truck which delivers the automotive to the nearest showroom, every mode has been effected. The better the mileage and efficiency of these carriers, better our livelihood could be. 
Check out the all new Mahindra Blazo which promises, 

o Better mileage
o Great fuel economy
o Lesser breakdowns
o Service guarantee at the breakdown point
o Unique modular cylinders for engine gives low maintenance and repair cost
I’m writing this blog post for the #SmartTrucking activity at BlogAdda.

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