4 February 2016

Bird Watching at Bana!!!

On every drive of ours from Hassan to Mysore, we drop by Bana  or Vana(meaning forest in Kannada) as called by the locals is a wild stretch near Mosale Hosahalli. Every visit of ours gets me to click lots of birds and wild. On one of our recent trip, as we reached the place there was a local woman, she told us to show peacocks but didn't encounter with even one, but got to click some wonderful wild clicks.
Black headed Ibis
Pond Heron

Wood pecker


They looked like Greater Cormorant, not sure though
This Spider web was as big as 2-3 feet.

There were lot of Mushrooms spread over the ground.
It was a day trip to Mysore and on our way back we visited Bana again looking for peacocks. Missed clicking a better view, this was the best I could click. They wander around in the fields and are often chased by the villagers.

A pond Heron which was quite close by and didn't bother our presence
If you are a bird enthusiast and planning a road trip in and around Hassan, do visit this place if time permits, its worth a visit.

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