22 April 2015

Summer Slam Party at CCD!!! #CCDSummerSlam

Its summer and the weather has got really worse this year. Is everybody feeling the same or is it only me, because this year my kiddo started her afternoon session classes and heading out of the house at noon, really burns her out. Am sure most of us try everyway to keep ourselves cool, by wearing comforting cotton cloths, escaping to the near by cooler places, spending lot of time in pools, visiting water parks or slurping cold and refreshing beverages. And if you fall in the last category, then here is a good news for you, CCD has come up with their Summer Slam refreshers, a mouth watering range of chilled smoothies and slushes.
CCD, CCD Summer Slam, Cafe Coffee Day
Few of we bloggers from Mumbai were invited for a Summer Slam Party at Cafe Coffee Day, Bandra for a funfilled afternoon and to taste their Summer Slam beverages. The event had fun games, photo booth to get our pics clicked with summer props and also a guessing game to taste the flavours blindfolded.
CCD, CCD Summer Slam, Cafe Coffee Day
My kiddo who got along with me for the party, loved their Strawberry POM smoothie and Strawberry Blast slush, for their Strawberry flavours. And me being a lover of slush, loved their Pink Lemonade Slush, a blend of sweet and tangy flavours. 
CCD, CCD Summer Slam, Cafe Coffee Day 
The Summer Slam Range:
The smoothies are a range of a divine creamy concoction with bite size pieces of the key ingredient immersed. Rasmalai Smoothie is the royal Indian mithai re-imagined as a rich, creamy beverage. It carries almond flavours with the very prominent bite of a rasmalai. The Strawberry Pomegranate Smoothie is a delicious cool creamy mix of strawberry and pomegranate, a perfect tease to ones taste buds. Mango Peach Smoothie is the king of fruits blended with the best of peaches guaranteed to satisfy the most intense of fruit cravings.
The slush variants include, the Strawberry Blast Slush which consists of strawberries blended with the goodness of pomegranates. The unique Tropical Spice Slush the strangely wonderful mix of jalapenos with the tropical fruit. The Pink Lemonade Slush a sweet and tangy and loaded with the goodness of pink grape fruit.
CCD, CCD Summer Slam, Cafe Coffee Day
Being the IPL season, these beverages have been named by the IPL teams, relating them to the region, that is Kolkata Rasmalai Smoothie, Mumbai Strawberry POM Smoothie, Bengaluru Mango Peach Smoothie, Rajasthan Pink Lemonade Slush, Chennai Tropical Spice Slush and Delhi Strawberry Blast Slush. Rush to your nearest CCD and beat the heat this summer, with #CCDSummerSlam beverages.


  1. That looks like a fun event! It's getting hotter and hotter in Delhi, so I hope some of these refreshing drinks would be available here as well!

    1. It was indeed a fun event, Ami. Summer Slam beverage range is available in Delhi too, do try them out, am sure you would love it..