1 April 2015

6 Important Tips While Travelling with New Born!!!

I was busy with cousin's family who visited us last week. While their elder son, along with my daughter kept all of us engaged running behind them for their littlest fights, the younger one who is too young to join them, stared them whole day. The little one refreshed my travel memories with my daughter, during her infant and toddling days.
There are lot of things that change a parent's life when they are blessed with a baby. Travelling is something that cannot be avoided at certain situations, but can take a toll on you. Going on road with a baby can become a tiring task and you might not be able to create those special moments. This is not a sign that you should give up, but by following some basic rules and pointers, you can turn your trip into a divine voyage with your baby. From feeding and diaper change to infections, these are your top concerns and sticking at home might sound like a good idea. Infants are not that fragile as fearful parents tend to think and with the right baby products, you can take your baby on a beautiful journey.

Pointers while Travelling with your Baby:
Below mentioned are some of the tips that you should follow in order to have a safe and enjoyable trip with your new born.
1. Prepare a First Aid Kit: Assemble a first aid kit with the most essential supplies that you might need in case of a minor injury to your baby. Prescribed medicines and other provisions can also be kept with the first aid kit, to keep everything close to reach.
2. Apply Sunscreen Lotion: Regardless of the season, using sunscreen for your baby is a must to protect them from sun damage and other skin allergies. A cream with SPF 15 or above is recommended and will help you keep your child safe from the harm’s way. Also using a diaper rash cream will reduce the rash from diapers.
3. Carry Baby in a Car Seat: There are endless dangers of travelling with your baby in your hands. A baby car seat must be secured at the back of the car, where your baby will be comfortable and safe from minor car troubles. Its multipurpose use as a rocker can save you, if your baby is used to of sleeping in cradle at home. This was one of the important tips I learned from my cousin.
4. Extra feeding set: Pack extra bottles and other feeding items, to avoid any urgent situations. You tend to lose a few things when you are travelling and packing extra items will ensure that you won’t have any trouble with your baby's feeding times.
5. Pack Ready-to-use Formula: If you are not breastfeeding your child, and have trouble arranging milk on your trip, then ready-to-use milk powder for babies is a boon. Just dissolve it in a liquid and you are all set to feed the baby anytime, anywhere.
6. Pack enough cloths and diapers: You can never have enough cloths for babies while travelling as they tend to get dirty more often. Pack enough diapers and onesies for your new born and travel stress free for long hours.

Get everything that your baby needs with the comforts of your home at BabyOye.com and its sensational range of online baby care products. Travelling is when you get time with your new born and it is the time when you make memories that will last for a lifetime. Adopt the above tips and travel with your baby with comfort and ease.


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