29 January 2015

Kutch Diaries - Bhuj City Tour, Part 2

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Sharad Baug Palace: By the time we were done with the palaces inside the fort, we were getting late for Sharad Baug Palace, which closes at 12noon. We drove to Sharad Baug, which is on the other side of the Hamirsar lake. Sharad Baug palace is in the middle of Sharad Baug(a garden, baug meaning garden), hence the palace gets its name.
Unlike Prag Mahal and Aina Mahal, we could hardly find any visitors here. As you enter the gate, there is a plant nursery, and a small room, which is the ticket counter. Then you walk through the park, to reach the palace. We were said, being just next to Hamirsar lake, this park attracts lot of migrant birds, though only birds we could find were bats, hanging down most of the trees.
Bhuj, Gujarat, Kutch, Gujarat Tourism, Sharad Baug Palace 
The palace was the king's residence till 1991 when the last king Madansigh died, which was then turned into a museum. Its only few rooms of the palace which are open to visitors now. The display includes royal furnitures, utensils, precious metal works, including a Wimbledon trophy.
Bhuj, Gujarat, Kutch, Gujarat Tourism, Sharad Baug Palace

Bhuj, Gujarat, Kutch, Gujarat Tourism, Sharad Baug Palace

Bhuj, Gujarat, Kutch, Gujarat Tourism, Sharad Baug Palace

Bhuj, Gujarat, Kutch, Gujarat Tourism, Sharad Baug Palace

Bhuj, Gujarat, Kutch, Gujarat Tourism, Sharad Baug Palace
There is a coffin in one of the small rooms, a preserved leopard and a tiger. And the main room, has royal furnitures and a preserved tiger.
Bhuj, Gujarat, Kutch, Gujarat Tourism, Sharad Baug Palace
Though there are very limited exhibits, the museum is worth a visit and has a collection of few rare and precious items from around the world.
As you are out of the Sharad Baug and drive towards the bus station road, you find the famous Ram Dhun temple. Just behind Ram Dhun temple is Ramkhund stepwell.

Ramkhund Stepwell: When our taxi driver, showed us the route to the step well, we gave a second thought, if he was referring to The Ramkhund one of the Archaeological sights. The road is very narrow and you need to walk the lane with stinky litter on either side. Then, there was a temple where we checked again and we were directed to yet another small lane ahead. We finally found the Tourism Department board which read Archaeological sight.
Bhuj, Gujarat, Kutch, Gujarat Tourism, Ramkhund
Ramkhund is a step well, with a small shrine. The well, was quite low on water, that the steps were visible. We were told there are sculptures depicting characters from Ramayana and Dashavathar, the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, which of course was not visible due to water level. This place too is less in crowd, which makes your visit refreshing. You can feel the coolness as you get down the steps towards water.

Travel info:
Check my post Kutch Diaries Travel Plans, to plan your trip to Bhuj.
Sharad Buag Palace is in Sharad Baug, close to Hamirsar lake.
Entry Fee: Rs. 10/-
Timings: 9AM to 12noon, 3PM to 6PM, closed on Fridays

Ramkhud Stepwell is behind Ram Dhun temple at the Hamirsar Lake.
Entry Free
Timings: Its an open well, can be visited any time.

Kutch Museum: Just across Ram Dhun Temple is Kutch Museum, which was unfortunately closed, being a second Saturday. We were told the museum has the collection of Kutch art works, embroidery, paintings, arms, musical instruments. Also the excavates from Dholavira, the archaeological site containing the  ruins of ancient Indus Valley Civilization.
Entry Fee: Rs. 5/- for Indians and Rs. 50/- for Foreign nationals
Timings: 10AM to 1PM, 2PM to 5PM,
Closed of Wednesdays, 2nd and 4th Saturdays and public holidays.

Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Museum, is yet another museum which we had to give a miss, because of time constraint. This too has the collection of Kutch art forms.
Entry Fee:  Rs. 10/- for Indians and Rs. 50/- for Foreign nationals
Timings: 11AM to 1PM, 2PM to 5PM, closed on Mondays.


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