19 August 2014

Hemavathi Reservoir Back Waters

Am back from a long vacation to native, filled with lots of fun, party and celebration. Varamahalakshmi Vratha, Rakshabandhan, my little one's birthday party and my younger brother's week long wedding celebration.
The day I reached native, it was all about the beauty of Hemavathi Reservoir with all its crest gates open, in most of the news papers and TV channel. But with very tight schedule, only time we could make out for a visit was somewhere in between all our celebration, and all we cousins planned a drive to the reservior. Unfortunately the crest gates were not fully opened when we reached there and this was the best we could find.


With no mood to return back home, we planned to go to the back water of the reservoir, which is just 2kms drive from the reservoir. The excess water which floods into the river rbank, creates islands, giving it a magnificent beauty.

We spent nice time enjoying the cool breeze and beauty, giggling some old bollywood songs.