7 August 2014

Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai

I was off for one of my blogger's meet in Mahalaxmi. Planning to be on time, I left home quit early, and ended up reaching very soon. My driver took me for a tour of near by places on the way. To start with was the Lal Bagh market, he said the Lal Bagh market had the best masalas, and asked if I wanted to shop. I instead asked him to take me to dhobi ghat, which was just few minutes drive on our way.
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Just next to Mahalaxmi railway station on the Western railway is the famous Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat of Mumbai. It can be easily see from the flyover of Mahalaxmi station. You can make out its one of the places to visit in Mumbai, as you can find many tourists with their huge cameras, trying to capture the sight.
Dhobi Ghat is an open air laundromat, with rows of concrete wash pen, each fixed with flogging stone. Said to be formed in 1890 to serve the city's British and Parsi community, it achieved the world record for largest number of people hand washing simultaneously at the same place.
So when you are crossing the Mahalaxmi station flyover next time, just have a peek into one of the world's largest laundromat, its worth a watch.


  1. Great post...loved your blog.


  2. Thank you Krishna and Shredivz.. :)

  3. Every person in India is well aware of Dhobi Ghat. I have visited Dhobi Ghat for a magazine project. Took some really amazing pictures. It was a great experience. During this visit we got the chance of meeting some very different and interesting individuals.

    1. Wow tht sounds interesting, good to know you have worked for a project on Dhobi Ghat..