14 July 2014

What's in my Suitcase??

We all love traveling and yes, for me traveling and exploring new places is beyond joy. But, have you ever got pissed off for the sake of carrying your bulky baggage or ever missed that one important stuff back home, for which you had to compromise your joy of traveling.
Here is a check list for my travel, which keeps my travel out of worries, so that I can enjoy my trip to the fullest.

A check list
Its always better to have a check list before packing, it definitely helps with proper packing.

 Travel and Communication
An international holiday? Yes passport, air ticket and travel insurance. Baggage weight to count in, to pack your stuff accordingly. Always get your currency exchanged at your local Foreign exchange agent, as it costs higher at their airport counters. Carry your international credit and debit cards. Don't forget to get international roaming activated for your mobile. 
Carry your ear and eye cover and neck pillow, for your journey. Though most of the airlines provide you with these, if you suffer from cabin pressure, then a no from airline might really cost you.
International Power Adapter Plug, chargers and batteries for your camera, laptop, mobile. Carry extra memory cards for your camera. Power bank portable charger really turns out to be handy for travel. I always carry multi-port charger too, that way I can charge, most of my gadgets at a time.
Scribbling pad and pen, along with list of important contact numbers.

Less is More
Its rightly said, Less is More, especially while packing a suitcase.
I always carry travel packs of all my beauty essentials, that reduces my baggage.
Go for dual purpose clothing, like those inside out jackets or a pant which could be turned into shorts. And choose pants and shorts which could be teamed with most of your shirts/tops, that way reducing your extra cloths.
Packing your cloths in vacuum bags brings down most of your suitcase space. 
A portable cloths press iron is always preferred.
A slip on/flip-flop, along with your formal wears.

 Personal, health and hygiene
A mini medical kit, with essential medicines, and a list of medicines you are allergic to.
Carry packs of Energy bars and cookies.
Travel sanitizer and wipes packs, sunglasses and swiss knife are something, which always go into my handbag, even for a normal go out. 
Pack of Zip pouch, whether for packing your dirty cloths or packing your slippers, they come for your rescue.

Now that we have a travel check list, here is a virtual international trip.

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. - Seneca(source)

But what if I promise your travel to be accompanied with some pampering, fun, play, party and lots of shopping, then why not plan a trip soon. Its no where than ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.
The Aria Las Vegas, with all of its great attractions, can certainly fill up your day quickly.  Whether it’s lunch at one of the many restaurants like the Bar Mesa or Five50 Pizza Bar, swimming at one of the Aria’s three pools, or dinner and the Cirque du Solei’s “Zarkana” show, there are many different occasions.
So what are your Suitcase essentials?? Do you have any add-ons to the list, then do leave a comment below..
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  1. Those are excellent tips. I have always been a really bad packer and end up fumbling at the last moment.

    1. Thank you Rajlakshmi. Few things in my suitcase even stay unpacked after a vacation, waiting for next trip.. :)

  2. Great ! Meghana this post is very helpful especially for someone like me who yet has to learn how to travel light but smart. :)

    1. Thank you Shivani for dropping in. Am glad you found this helpful..

  3. Is Swiss Knife allowed in hand bag? I think airport security may confiscate it

    1. Yes doesn't go in cabin, should go in check-in..

  4. interesting tips, I also carry zip pouches to carry non perishable food or sometimes my left over sandwich goes into it so that I can munch on it later

    1. Neha true, zip pouch works well for left over food too..
      Thanks for dropping in.. :)