9 July 2014

Beauty has an Address - Oman

"Hey, where are you heading to, this Eid Holidays?"
"To Musandam, and you?
"Me, to Salalah.."
This used to be the topic of our lunch hour chit-chats, at my office in Dubai. Oman which shares border with UAE, was an easy option for short weekend drives or a long tour from Dubai. Musandam and Salalah were the only places I had heard(and been) of Oman, let alone Muscat the capital city. Only now, Oman Tourism introduced me to lot more than these places.
Collage of pics from my tour to Musandam and Salalah
Have been experienced camp fires on the beach, raced with dolphins while cruising on a traditional Dhow, diving and snorkeling in deep seas at Musandam and been enjoyed the beauty of Wadi Darbat(a Oasis in the desert), been spotted Flamingos at Khawr Rawri, during my visit to Dhofar(for Khareef Festival), its time for me to explore the unseen(by me) Oman, if I get to visit this country again.

Dolphins racing with our dhow in Khasab, Musandam
Collage of pics from my tour to Musandam and Salalah
My tour of Oman would start with exploring the capital of Oman, magical Muscat. A tour of historic Muscat, with a visit to its Forts Al-Jalali and Al- Mirani, and museums, Museum of Omani Heritage, National Museum of Oman, Oman children's Museum al Zubair, Omani French museum, Sultan's Armed Forces Museum. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is another in my, to visit list.
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque(Image source Wikipedia)
Al Jalali Fort(Image source Wikipedia)
Would like to visit Ras Al Jinz, to watch Turtles. To feel how the heavy mother, which struggles to protect its egg in the sands and the new born struggling for survival, till it reaches the water. 
Turtle watch(Image source Oman Tourism)

Rocks Park(Image source Oman Tourism)
Visit to Oman is incomplete without a visit to  Rocks Park in Al Wasta. Naturally sculptured rocks in the shape of animals, birds and human parts, leaves visitor mesmerized by natures creation.Deserts Safari is a must do thing when you are in a dessert country. At Bawshar Sands, would love to go for a thrilling dessert drive and a climb to the top of the hill to enjoy sunset.
Desert Safari(Image source Oman Tourism)
Traditional Souk(Image source Oman Tourism)
No tour is complete without shopping and tasting local cuisine. Gulf is well known for its traditional souks(markets), a visit to souk to shop traditional Omani artefacts as souvenirs and the staple fruit of Gulf, the yummy dates. And with the holy month of Ramadan on, tasting Shakana is a must. And how could I miss Leben, my fav drink from Gulf, which I have been missing after leaving Dubai for good.
Courtesy Oman Tourism
My tour to Oman would be a combination of culture, heritage, nature and adventure.
PS: This is part of #BeautifulOman by Oman Tourism and Indiblogger.


  1. very well written and equally supported by beautiful pics !

  2. You seemed to have had a great time Meghana in Oman. All the very best

  3. These are really some of the good captures giving a peep in the life in Oman

  4. You have stayed in Oman before! Oman has wonderful must-visit places.
    Best wishes, Meghana :)

  5. Thank you everyone..
    Anitha, I stayed in Dubai n Oman is few hrs drive frm thr, visited during weekends..:)

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  7. people will soon flock that part of the world for tourism purposes.

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  10. Oman has a beauty of it's own. I hope I will get to experience it one day. Beautiful captures.

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