21 August 2017

10 Must - See Safari Parks in Kenya!!!

Which traveller doesn't like wildlife or photographing them. Here is a guide to wildlife destinations in Kenya by D K Grand Safari, Kenya. Over to D K Safaris,

If there’s one thing Kenya is known for in the tourism realm, it’s the stunning views of wildlife. And Kenya is chockfull of beautiful parks to take a guided safari. So below are some of the top must-see safari parks in Kenya. 

Lake Nakuru National Park

This park is deemed “the bird watchers’ paradise.” The park is known for its sights with hoards for flamingos in the background, and the park has about 450 species of bird. It sits on the floor of the Great Rift Valley, and the landscape is defined by wooded and bushy grasslands. 

Maasai Mara National Reserve 

This park is famous for its wide range of biodiversity. The park is also known for its wildebeest migration, which can be seen from July to October. The park includes 95 species of mammals and over 570 species of bird.  
Image Courtesy: D K Grand Safari

Samburu National Reserve

This famous park is also great for wildlife viewing, making it one of the top must-see safari parks in Kenya. It boasts zebra, ostrich, giraffe and oryx, to name a few. There is also a minimum of 900 elephants. And of course, there are lions and leopards. The famous “Kamunyak the Miracle Lioness” that adopted a baby oryx lives in the reserve.

Aberdare National Park

This park is defined by its steep, forested ravines and open moorland. This park is home to elephants, black rhinos, hyenas, leopards, baboons, colobus monkeys and warthogs, to name a few animals. The park also allows picnics and trout fishing. 
Image Courtesy: D K Grand Safari

Tsavo West National Park

This park is dubbed the “land of lava, springs and man-eaters.” This park boats the Mzima Springs, where you can see 50 million gallons of clear water flowing out from under lava rock. It’s also home to the Shetani lava flows. You’ll get plenty of biodiversity here, as the landscape is grasslands, scrublands and Acacia Woodlands. 

Amboseli National Park

This is one of the must-see safari parks in Kenya if you want to get a close sight of herds of free-ranging elephants. They call the park “the land of the giants.” If you love local cultures, you can also meet Maasai people here. There’s also a stunning view of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Image Courtesy: D K Grand Safari

Hell’s Gate

One of the must-see safari parks in Kenya is Hell’s Gate. The geothermal activity sends plumes of steam skyward. The park boasts cliffs, gorges, rock towers, volcanoes and a natural spa.   

Meru National Park

When you think of lush African jungle, you might as well be picturing Meru National Park. This park features jungle, rivers, swamp, grasslands and termite cathedrals. It’s the place to go if you want tons of biodiversity. The park also contains animals like zebras, elephants, pythons, cobras and buffalos. 

Nairobi National Park

If you want to keep a little closer to civilization where the termite and snake population isn’t quite as pervasive, you’ll want to check out Nairobi National Park. Wildlife like giraffe roam across grasslands with cityscapes in the background. 
Image Courtesy: D K Grand Safari

Kora National Park

This is actually a sister park to Meru National Park. This park features rock climbing, as well as fishing in the Tana River. Historic huts dot the park, and the river includes gushing rapids.  

Have you visited any of these or planning to visit one, do share your thoughts in the comment box.

PS: All images used are credited to D K Grand Safari page..

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