31 December 2016

Drive Through Car Wash in Dubai...

The main difference between developing and developed countries is the use of man power and machine power. One such thing is automated drive through car washing machines. While we in India blame our car washer for not turning up in the morning for washing our car, Dubai offers automatic drive through car washing services.

You drive through the machine and the car goes through the splash of water and cleaning solution. Fast rotating vertical and horizontal scrubbers clean the car exterior. The car is then rinsed with a splash of fresh water and moves through dryer, which drys the water droplets on the car.

Below is the video shot by hubby while driving through the car washer.
While this uses lot of water for washing(which though is re-cycled), there is Eco High Pressure car washer which uses less water at very high pressure for washing. 
Of course these machines have already come to India, but I haven't come across any, around my place. Will definitly post about my experience on using them here in India.

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