1 May 2016

Off the Beach Affair, Five things to do in Goa - A Collective By Holiday IQ!!!

Its been over a decade that I visited Goa. The last one too was on an official trip and hardly got to wander around the place. I am not a beach loving person and might be that was the reason I didn't plan my trip off late. Here is a guest post by Holiday IQ which proves there is much more to beaches in Goa and why I should think of planning one sooner.

Off the Beach Affair
If you thought Goa is just about the sun, sand and beaches, think again! There is much more to this tiny yet fashionable world within itself with diverse people from across the globe. Extensive range of globally recognized Goan cuisine or the international music festivals held here every year, Goa makes an ideal holiday destination for everyone. So be it a college trip with friends, family trip with your loved ones or a simple romantic getaway, Goa gives you all reasons to keep going back for more. After all, one can never have too much of Goa!  
How to reach, where to stay?
Reaching Goa is quite convenient from the major cities of India; the journey by train from Mumbai and Bangalore to Goa is just an overnight affair. When it comes to accommodation, you have a choice of it all, from luxury resorts and hotels in Goa, suites with poolside and private beach, guest houses and inns. However, to get a local taste of Goa in its true sense, you can opt for the much affordable beach huts or shacks. Imagine yourself relaxing in a hammock, watching the sunset right in front of you, in company of loved ones and a blissful evening. Heavenly isn't it?
What to do?
As they say “Everyone is happy in Goa” – happy streets, smiling faces, cheerful locals and satisfied tourists. So there are no second thoughts on getting a taste of Goa yourself! While you pack your bags, we help you to list out some of the suggested fun places to see in Goa.
1. Visit Old Goa: Old Goa is full of beautiful cathedrals and magnificent churches. A half-day visit is enough to admire the archaeological museums that display the fascinating history of Goa.
Old Goa by abcdz2000
2. Go on a cruise: With this, you have one more thing to strike off from your bucket list. Under the moonlit night, the Mandovi River yachts are beautifully lit up like shining jewels floating in the sea. Don't forget to try your luck at the casinos – after all, a bit of poker never harmed anybody. 
Cruise in Goa by David
3. Saturday night market (Arpora): Indulge in some retail therapy, which offers a range of Indian handicrafts, silver jewelery, paintings, trendy apparels, wrap-arounds, scarves, leather products and the list is never ending (a tip: do bargain before buying). This market gets livelier with restaurants playing live music late into night and serving an eclectic range of food.
Night Market in Goa by Ipshita B
4. Indulge in water sports: The adventure freak within you cannot resist the number of water sports that Goa has to offer. The endless beaches of Goa make it a great spot for all kinds of water sports. Choose from banana tube boat rides, parasailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, scuba diving, speed boats, snorkeling and lots more.

5. Dolphin cruise: As you cruise along the Arabian Sea, be prepared to catch a glimpse of dolphins perform aerobatics in front of you. To add to the adventure, you may also get a chance to dip in the sea and maybe swim with the dolphins! Brightly coloured kingfishers can be spotted. So make sure you have your camera ready, so you can take back some spectacular photographs with you.
Dolphin cruise, Goa by Tyrone Adams
Every day’s a party in Goa and it’s a party you wouldn't want to miss. So take a break, pack your bags, as life in Goa awaits. Go Goa, 365 days on a holiday!

This post is part of a promotional campaign by Holiday IQ. I do not own the photographs, they have been used with due credit to the owners.

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