5 November 2015

'Master Class with the Masters' @The Lalit Mumbai, #BNLF

BNLF(Blog Now Live Forever) was a much awaited event by the blogging community. Day 1, thats 30th of Nov, being the 5th Saturday of the month, I had office and didn't register for the event, while I had registered for the second day. My facebook timeline on 30th evening was full of BNLF updates by all my blogger friends. Harley Davidson motorcycles, Segways, rock-climbing wall and much more and that made me not to miss Day 2 event. 
I managed to be at The Lalit Mumbai, the venue for BNLF only by 2. Just as I reached, a group of bloggers were heading for the Master Class. I had registered for the Master Class as well and joined the group. 
Who don't like Tortellas, I just love them and when the event invite read the chef was about to prepare Tortellas, I didn't wanted to miss it. What better than trying your hands in making the pasta dough, sheeting fresh pastas and shaping your tortellas. Here is what the chef made for us,
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 Ricotta Spinach Filled Tortellini on the Bed of Mushrooms

Ricotta Cheese - 25gm
Baby Spinach - 50gm
Farina flour 00' - 50gm
Semolina - 15gm
Eggs - 1 nos.
*EVOO - 5ml
Button Mushrooms - 50gm
Onion - 25gm
Asparagus - 25gm
Sage Butter - 5gm
Sundried Tomato - 10gm
Pine nuts - 10gm
Chives - for garnish
Cherry Tomato - 1 no.            
Salt - To Taste
Cracked black peppers - 2gm

1. Make a mixture of ricotta cheese and spinach with seasoning for pasta filling.
2. Make dough for pasta with Farina flour, whole eggs, salt and olive oil keep for resting. Sheet the pasta and fill with the spinach filling. Give a shape as described.
3. Chop mushrooms and saute with chopped onion in EVOO. Place it as a base for the pasta.
4. Blanch the pasta in salted water for 8 minutes.
5. Make a sauce with sage butter, add chopped onion, garlic. Cook it until translucent, add chopped sundried tomato and chopped pine nuts. Add chopped parsley and fresh sage. Toss the blanched pasta in the sauce. Place the blanced pasta on bed of mushroom.
6. Garnish with butter poached asparagus, balsamic reduction, chopped chives and sundried cherry tomato.
Executive Sous Chef Ravish Mishra and Chef Rajeev Kumar

Blogger trying hands on Pasta making

Fresh Herbs

Plating the dish

Chef with his dish
 Cookery tips:
1. Floating pastas are the indication of cooked pastas when boiling in the pots. 
2. You can give flavours of sage, rosemary or any Italian herb to butter.
2. You can replace eggs with potato starch for vegetarian pasta. 
3. Substitute for mushroom for bed could be Spinach, while you can choose other filling.
* EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

After Master Class we headed to '7 Key Steps to blogging mastery' by Jeff Bullas, a workshop on blogging.
Thank you Indiblogger for the wonderful event, as always you people rocked. I badly missed the day 1 Clear Trip activities, hope to be part of the next #BNLF :)

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