20 October 2015

Navratri Celebration at Home - 2015

The most awaited Festival is here, the Navratri Bombe Habba. I took up job recently and not able to be regular on my blog. Its been a week now since Navratri started and finally I managed to post few pictures of the Navratri doll arrangement at home.
Its the same set of dolls as previous years, with few added new ones which I have been collecting. The first step has Ganapati, Ram, Seetha, Laxman and Hanuman and Radha Krishna Idol. The Radha Krishna idol was similar to the Ganapti idol, I painted and decorated it with glitters and stones. The second step has Krisha in different forms, Pattad Bombe, Shiva, Parvati and Ganapathi, and Tulsi Pooja set along with small idols of god and goddesses.

Third is for more god and goddess idols along with Meera and a set of Portugal men and women set, as called so by my granny. The next step is for Shivaji Maharaj, along channapatna doll of a couple and a set of five men and women playing music. That red charriot was bought from Mysore, while I got the dolls playing band along the charriot from Jaipur.

The fifth step has few of my souvenir collections, most of them are gifts by my cousin. I got that face mask from Mahalaxmi temple, here in Mumbai, which I tied to the Kalash I had prepared. I just loved the beauty of devi's face. To add to the step is kiddo's Gungru. She started her Bharatnatyam course this year and thats her new set of Gungru, which she will start wearing after Gungru Pooja on Dasara day.
The last step is collection of few old clay toys, along with new added ones, which hubby got from Mysore, the Lion and the Rabbit tale, a cobbler and a potter. I wanted to highlight the small utensils which I usually place with the old couple(so called Shetty angadi in Kannada), so thought of arranging them separately in plates on either side of main steps.

Finally our ever fav doll house, which is a permanent display in our TV rack.
Hope you enjoyed our Bombe arrangement, will get back with more Devi pics from around my place. Till then A very Happy Navratri to all of you..

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