10 July 2015

Beach, Sunshine, Home Food and a Maharashtrian Wedding at Alibag!!!

Few weeks back, just before the start of monsoon, we had a short weekend trip to Alibag. For it was hubby's colleague's wedding at Alibag and he planned to take me and kiddo along.
Summer Shower tree on the way to Alibag
The wedding was Sunday morning and we booked our hotel Aarhaah with Goibibo with discount coupon. We started off by 9 in the morning on Saturday, picked burgers from Karghar Mc'D and took the old Mumbai - Pune road. On the way, we thought of visiting Karnala bird sanctuary, but it was already 11 by then and the weather was too humid to get along, so we thought of heading straight to Alibag. We checked in at Aarhaah and ordered for lunch, its more of a home stay than a hotel, the home made food comes from manager's house. They got us thali in those big tiffin boxes(similar to dabbawalas). There are few tables spread out in the garden as well in the balconies of the room, we preferred going down to the garden. After lunch, we thought of visiting Kolaba Fort, but we were told it was high tide and the fort was closed. The weather got really worse and we thought of having a nap instead of going out in the hot weather. We woke up by 5, and headed to the Khihim beach. Khihim beach is just 5mins walk from Aarhaah, we joined hubby's colleagues and had some fun time on the beach. After dinner, me and kiddo called off for the day, while hubby joined his colleagues for a night out.
Aarhaah holiday home

Sunset at Khihim beach

Next day was just for the wedding we had been for. It was around 5km drive from our hotel to the wedding venue, after our breakfast of kandhe pohe and chai we drove to the wedding. The wedding was in an open ground just in front of bride's house, the weather just tired all of us so much, that kiddo spent most of the time sitting in the car. We enjoyed the dance along with the baarath and I enjoyed the wedding thoroughly, as I hardly get to be part of any weddings here in Mumbai.
After lunch, we started to Mumbai, the weather by then got better and it started pouring. We were stuck in very bad traffic just few minutes from Alibag, the traffic stood still for more than an hour. We reached back Mumbai by 6PM. It was a much needed getaway from the busy routine and quite a relaxing and refreshing one, as we didn't do much of hopping during the trip.

Travel Info:
Alibag is around 90km from Mumbai by road via old Mumbai - Pune road. Best way to reach Alibag is by ferry, from Gate Way of India to Mandwa and then road transport from Mandva jetty to Alibag. There are both A/C and non A/C ferry services and they don't operate during monsoon. You can check for the ferry timings and tickets here

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