22 June 2015

Book Review - Transforming Indians to Transform India

Its about International Yoga Day everywhere since last couple of days, be it on television or blogs. The Day got special significance this year with PM Narendra Modi's, to be rather called the revolution of Yoga, when PM along with 36k people performed Yoga at the Iconic Rajpath. What was the need for a PM to take Yoga to every individual? This question very much related me to the book, Transforming Indians to Transform India, by Chinmaya mission, which I had read few months back.
My brother who did his MBA from NMIMS Mumbai, received this book along with this Management Degree Certificate at his convocation. I had accompanied him to his convocation, and he who had got through his campus and was ready to mint money, didn't find it apt to read the book, thinking it was something spiritual(which is definitely not the case, its a perfect read for anybody of any age group). The book for some reason attracted me and I took it from him to read, and promised to hand over to him back when he really felt it was apt for him to read it, lol.
Book:  Transforming Indians to Transform India
Publisher: Chinmaya Udghosh
(All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, Chennai)
Binding: Softbound
Pages: 304
Price: Rs.250/-
Genre: Nonfiction
Through 7 interactive stories, the book tries to bring in the over all transformation of an individual, which in turn contributes to the transformation of the nation. First 6 stories, help in the Patriotic, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Cultural, Spiritual transformation, the last chapter which helps in developing a universal outlook, completes the over all transformation in you. Each chapter has transformation toolkit at the end, practicing or inculcating tips from the toolkit in your life helps you transform.
The book is made interesting with scientific reasoning and day to day happenings in everybody's life. I could easily connect each situation to my own, and give a thought on what would be my take at such situation. The tips too are very easy ones, which can easily be incorporated in your daily routine, like few minutes of yoga or a scientific Indian thali. The book relates to many individuals, whose transformation helped in the transformation of the nation, from Swami Vivekananda to Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, from Lakshmi Bai to Dr. Abdul Kalam. "In-Significant Desiland", a chapter on Cultural Transformation takes through different parts of the country, highlighting Indian culture, heritage, artforms, which definitely interested me as a travel blogger. The ones which I felt too hard to follow were emotional and intellectual transformations, I think this can be brought about with quite a lot of practice and a mind set to bring about the transformation.
I suggestion, every individual to read this book, this book will definitely bring about a change in your life style, your acts and thinking about yourself and the nation, which can somehow contribute to the betterment of the nation.

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