3 March 2015

A Light Hearted Take on Life Insurance with Atul Khatri

No one likes to speak about death. Though everyone is uncertain about the next moment, we just try to show-off a fake confident look, #NothingWillHappen. While in reality, our innermost sense does know, the next moment might hit you with any unexpected. Hold on, why am I getting so philosophical and speaking like a Life Insurance agent, whom you think scares you speaking of all the uncertainties of life just to get a policy done or like those Nazar Utharo yantra ads on TV, who promise of keeping you away from all mishaps of life.
And when the event is with a stand-up comedian like Atul Khatri, isn't "Serious Baatein Karna Mana Hai(serious talks not allowed)"? And what does a stand-up comedian has to do at a Life Insurance event? This is what I thought when I received an invite for the blogger's event by Aegon Religare Life Insurance Company.
Read on to get an answer for all the questions.
The event was at Bombay Bronx last Saturday. I was quite on time and was welcomed by Manjusha Chandrababu, Social Media Lead, ARLI who made we comfortable at the event, and Suman Purohit, AVP Branding and Communications, ARLI, we spoke a lot about our travels and she introduced me to the famous Bharawan da Dabha in Amritsar, and asked me not to give a miss, when I am there this weekend.
Atul Khatri, Stand-up Comedian
The event started off with Atul Khatri's stand up comedy. I have attended very few stand up comedy shows and Atul really kept everyone engrossed. The show was followed by the special premiere of ARLI's new ad series "Immortals of India". Yateesh Srivastava, Chief Operating Officer ARLI shared, at present Insurance market, where companies are busy trying to sustain their presence by competitive Premiums and Benefits, Aegon Religare has made an attempt to hit the population who are way behind, and don't even have a basic cover of their life and still in the belief #NothingWillHappen to them. Through this series, the company is trying to spread the message of how the belief #NothingWillHappen still conquers few of our Indian minds.
Yateesh Srivastava, COO, ARLI
It was a perfect afternoon gathering, the ambiance, the fellow blogger friends, the team ARLI and of-course Atul's comedy which kept all smiles and laughs. One of their ads of "Immortals of India" series was officially launched today. And yes, the message of the most deadliest uncertainty of life has been showcased simply.
About Aegon Religare Life Insurance Company:
ARLI launched its pan-India operations in July, 2008 following a multi-channel distribution strategy with a vision to help people plan their life better. The fulfillment of this vision is based upon having a complete product suite, providing customised advice and enhancing the overall customer experience.
ARLI has launched a suite of products that are focused on providing the customer with the means to meeting their long-term financial goals. At the same time, product development has been founded on the tenet of providing the customer with great value. In 2014, the Indian Insurance Awards, honoured ARLI as the ‘E-Business Leader’, for the second year in a row, under the category of Overall Insurance Industry Awards.

PS: The post will be updated with the remaining ads, as and when they are launched. 
Updated: Here are rest of the ads, which have been officially launched now,

Image credit Aegon Religare Facebook Page
Do take care of yourself.


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