19 May 2014

Sikandra, Agra

One of the other historical monuments in Agra is Akbar's Tomb in Sikandra. Sikandra was all together a new city constructed by Mughal Ruler Sikandar Lodi, quite before Babur. There was a old fort of King Badal Singh called Badalgrah fort, which Sikandra Lodi demolished and constructed a new fort during his rule. Off the glorious buildings constructed by Sikandar Lodi only the Baradari is what remains at the Sikandra today. Later during Akbar's rule, he chose this place for his burial and started its construction. Though this was completed only by his son Jahangir in 1613AD. Sikandra was 12km from Agra then, presently emerged into Agra.
South Gate
The main gate or so called south gate is made of red sand stone. Its said this gate was decorated with precious metal and stones, which was looted by Jats during their rule. The gate is a two storey building, upper storey has 'Naubat Khana', were big drums were played from moring to evening in honour of dead emperors. On either side of the gate way are court yards called 'Nau-Mahal'.
Akbar's Tomb
As we walk from the main gate, there are small tanks and cannals and there stands the four storeyed building(three stories made of red stone and last of marble, indicating their construction during Akbar and  Jahangir respectively). The building is said to resemble Panch Mahal of Fatehpur Sikri, both of which resemble Buddhist Viharas. Center of the main building is the grave of Akbar the Great, constructed on raised platform, cut out of single marble.
Other buildings in Sikandra are Sheesh Mahal, constructed by Jahangir for his beloved Noor-Jahan and Tomb of Mariam Zammani, Akbar's wife. Both the buildings are in ruined condition.
Travel Info:
Entry fee:
Indian tourist: Rs. 10/- for Akbar's Tomb, Rs. 5 for Mariam Tomb
Foreign tourist: Rs. 110/- for Akbar's Tomb, Rs. 100 for Mariam Tomb
Entry free for children below 15years(both Indian and foreign)
Open on all days from sunrise to sunset.
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  1. Great place and photos. A suggestion, if you donot mind. The building in the first photo is little crooked and tilting towords right. If you had moved towards your left, it would have been picture perfect.

  2. Thank you Rajesh, I lost few of the pics clicked at Sikandra, so used these pics from Wiki.. Thanks for your suggestion..

  3. Very informational post. Agra city boasts of having one of the seven wonders of the world and three UNESCO world heritage sites, Agra is a treat for history and architecture lovers. Also, check out various other Agra hotels offering comfortable stay.