5 January 2014

Dubai Shopping Festival 2014 and Shopping Guide

PS: Dubai Shopping Festival 2018 26th Dec 2017 to 28th Jan 2018

Its January and the most awaited time of the year in Dubai, yes, the Dubai Shopping Festival 2014. A month long event started on 2nd January 2014 and will last till 2nd Feb. Dubai so called shopper's paradise turns very much real during this season, every outlet offering you with DSF offers. If you are a shopaholic, a visit to Dubai during this season is a must.
Photo credit Dubai Shopping Festival Webpage
As part of DSF, are other events like Film Festival, fireworks, International Fashion Show, Street play, and most of all the Global Village, which offers you with shopping, food and entertainment from around the World.
Global Village - Part 2 
Here is a list of what and where to shop in Dubai. Shopping Malls in Dubai offer discounts on wide range of merchandise during shopping festival. Here are few selected picks from other retailers in Dubai.
Dubai Gold Souk: Since years I have been hearing about gold from Gulf as my dad was in Saudi Arabia, few years back. Your trip to Dubai would be incomplete without a visit to Dubai Gold Souk. Located in the heart of the business district of Dubai, Deira, gold souk consists of more than 300 retailers. Pick few gold jewellery or gold coins from any of the stores.
Photo credit Wikipedia
Dubai Spice Souk: Just adjacent to Gold Souk is Spice Souk. This traditional market has narrow lanes with shops selling a variety of fragrances, spices and herbs used in Arabic and South Asian food. Spices can also be picked as souvenirs from Dubai.
Photo Credit Wikipedia
Dubai Textile Souk: Textile Souk in Bur Dubai, is the place to buy the colourful silk and fabric Middle East is known for the rest of the World. Along with fabric, you can also find beaded footwear and belly dance costume here at the souk. Meena Bazaar and Al Karama are the places to pick ready made Indian garments.
Electronics, Camcoders and Watches: Electronics and Camcoders are available at quite good discounts during Dubai Shopping Festival. Electronic stores like Sharaf DG and Jumbo Electronics, and  stores at Meena Bazar are preferred places of shopping. Branded watches can be bought from shopping malls or retail outlets at Meena Bazaar.
Perfume: Dubai is known for the best perfume stores. While you get the branded perfumes at most of the Malls in Dubai, the traditional Arabic Perfume(Attar), can be bought from Perfume Souk in Deira or small retailers in Meena Bazaar.
Perfume stall at Festival City
Souvenirs: The best part of any travel is shopping souvenirs. Souvenirs can be bought from souvenir shops near Dubai Museum and Textile Souk. Madinat Jumeirah and IBN Battuta are also choice for souvenir shopping. Miniature models and key chains of Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa, wooden camel, coloured glass lanterns, Hookah or shisha pipe are few from the souvenir list. You can also shop chocolates, spices and dry fruits as gifts from stores near Bur Dubai Creek.
Hookah Store in Madinat Jumeirah
List of Shopping Malls in Dubai,
Dubai Mall
Mall of the Emirates
Deira City Center
Lamcy Plaza
Mercato Mall
IBN Battuta
Dragon Mart
Mirdif City Center
Madinat Jumeirah
Wafi City
More on "Dubai Travel Guide" in following post.

Updated on 19th November, 2014
Dubai Shopping Festival is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year, and there are lot of events lined up for this DSF, check out the DSF site here.
Image Credit Dubai Calender


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