2 December 2013

The Magnificent Jog Falls

It was more than a decade back, when I visited Jog Falls last. And now it was hubby who forced me to plan a trip to this magnificant place after having a look of the falls at India Travel Blog, by Poorna and Brinda. From Koodli Sangama, we drove to Sagara, had lunch and headed to jog falls. A 105km drive from Shimoga leads you to Jog Falls.
Jog Falls, the second highest waterfall in India, is located in Sagar Taluk in Karnataka. Located in dense forest, the falls form a spectacular cascade as river Sharavati falls in four segments named Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket from different heights. The falls are at their best if you visit during monsoon. Our visit during October had this quite a beautiful sight.
Jog Falls 
The magnificent view can be enjoyed standing opposite to the fall. If interested you can trek down to the deep pool at the bottom of the fall, when the sluice gates of upstream Linganmakki Dam are closed.  

Jog Falls
A km drive from a deviated rout before the falls, leads you to the top of the falls. Though there is strick security prohibiting you from reaching the water(due to few mishaps in recent days), you can enjoy altogether a different view of the fall from here.
Jog Falls
Travel Tips:
How to reach:
By Road: Sagara - 45km, Honnavara - 56km, Shimoga - 105km, Bangalore - 378km
By Rail: Shimoga - 105km
By Air: Mangalore - 180km
Accomadation: There is Karnataka Holidays hotel right opposite to the falls. You can also opt for a stay at Sagara or Shimoga.


  1. did u go to mungare male spot ? Its awesome.v had been to jog last yr.

  2. No Smitha, we were not allowed to, nowadays they have strickly prohibited, due to few recent accidents.. Thats great, I too visited after so many years..