2 September 2013

St Thomas Cathedral

St Thomas Cathedral on Veer Nariman Road was the first Anglican Church in Mumbai. The church was completed in 1718, and under went several renovations to get its present structure.
Its said that the nearby Churchgate station gets its name from this church. One of the gates in the Fort which East India Company built to protect their settlement was the entrance to the St Thomas Church. Hence, the whole area towards the West of this church is called Churchgate.
 photo ada922dc-7162-465a-b80f-01bee0623d35_zps7bfee15c.jpg
The church was built to Neo-classical and Neo-Gothic styles with white facade. The interior of the cathedral mirror the interior of the St Thomas Cathedral in Ireland. The interior is delicately lined with Plaster of Paris, polished brass, stained glass, arche windows and memorials dedicated to late British parishioners.
 photo 0dcdfac0-6428-4807-afe9-a8eb8bb37d3b_zps56d90fe9.jpg
 photo 08a1d59c-1e75-433b-b8bb-d240faed5a6d_zpsd59b00b8.jpg
The Cathedral was selected for UNESCO Asia-Pacific heritage conservation award 2004.


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