9 June 2013

An Extremely Thrilled Evening with TATA Safari Strome!!!!!!!!

What would be your first thought looking at this SUV???
BIG STYLE, SEXY, love to drive!!!
Off Round
How about this drive???
That looks, something thrilled and Adventurous!!!
See Saw
 And Next???
45 degrees incline
30 degrees side incline
60 degrees decline
Are you left with any words to describe this thrilled event. There was lot more, join me to find how this turned real for me. 

When i received the mail from Indiblogger about the Xtreme Drive blogger's meet i felt, ya that was  something adventurous and an evening full of trills.
Then came the day. I had to start early from home and join my hubby at office. We didn't face much problem in finding the venue as one of his colleagues had guided him with the directions and we were on time.

Just the Beginning: 
We registered and Anoop started the meet with introduction, followed by a game. Game was to guess a number from 1 to 11 and each number were allotted a prize. Few Swiss Army Knives, sleeping bags and few funny prizes like a dance with Nihal.. Then was introduction session for the bloggers, where few blogger's were randomly selected to introduce themselves. And few tweet contest, about describing The Storme, and so on..
About Strome: 
Next was a presentation by the TATA team, about the technical aspects of Safari Storme, where Intelligence meets intuition, and makes this car THE REAL SUV.

  • Best-in-class turning radius
  • 4*4 Electronic Shift-On-Fly
  • Best-in-class ground clearence
  • 4.1 Synchromesh gearbox with a new selection and shift system for precision
  • Hydraulic Power-Assisted Steering
  • Spacious leg room and stylish leather seats
  • Electronic display mirror
  • Electrical Reverse Parking System
  • Sporty aerodynamic spoilers
  • Chrome-plated mirrors with indicator lights
  • Stylish projector headlamps
  • Dual elliptical exhaust and classy roof rails

Human Vs. The Storme: 
Next we were asked to make groups of 20.. We, last three rows joined to make our group and named it Cyclon. We were taken to the ground next to the conference room.. The game was to pull the Strome, the one how would finish first was to be declared the winner.. We last bench group had quite top brains and we planned very well to finish fast, without any falls, unlike most of the groups...We were awarded with Swiss Army Knives. Here is the video of that funny moment.. 

Xtreme Drive Experience: 
Next part was to experience THE Beast. We headed to another ground where there were Terrapods and See Saw and we were going to experience all of them ourselves sitting inside the car, isn't that awesome. The test driver guided us with the design of the vehicle which would enable to perform these drives.. Changing the mode to 4X4 would automatically climb the 60 degree incline even without the use of clutch or accelerator, because of the high engine torque. The suspension is designed in such a way that the vehicle will not roll down even at 45 degree incline and also takes a 30 degrees side incline. Also the vehicle was able to balance on the see saw, at one point of time the vehicle stood horizontal to the ground for few seconds.. The best part of all was the drive through the artificially created off road and 360 degree spin. 
Next we headed to catering area, where all the dishes were named in automobile and blogging terms, like Blogger Biryani, Aloo Gobi Adventures, Off Roading Kadai, Baby Corn on a highway, Smooth Ride Kadai, Sweet Speed, Tandoori Rotis were named Xtreme Power pack small and large. It was a pure veg dinner, which i prefer the most. 

That was an Extremely thrilled evening with TATA Safari Storme and Indibloggers. And we headed home with Indiblogger Teee!!!!!!!!!

What are you waiting for, go take a test drive right today http://tatasafari.com/static/test-drive-safari-Or india.php or experience an Xtreme Drive by being a part of their upcoming events http://tatasafari.com/community/xtreme-drive.php.

Image courtesy: First six pics https://www.facebook.com/tatasafari?fref=ts and Indiblogger site..