3 May 2013

TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair Contest

Indiblogger had a new contest sponsored by TRESemme. The contest is all about trying their sample, make a hairstyle, either from their Ramp Ready video or a hairstyle of our choice and write about the hairstyle. I had applied for a sample of mine, but it took almost  more than 15days to reach me, meanwhile even the contest closing day  got extended. 
This is what the sample i received

The result of the sample turned out to be good. And this is what i tried from their Ramp Ready Hair Video, An Athena Braid hair do... Since i have a naturally curl hairs, i preferred choosing this style.

Check out how to do...

For a hair style of my choice is this simple knot with hair stick...The summer is getting hotter day by day, if you are looking for a more comfortable and easy, yet a trendy hair style, this simple knot is the best choice.
I always loved a straight and silky hair, which unfortunately i don't have, this knot suits best with wavy or straight hairs.. 

This is the step by step demo of this hair do..
1. I first set my hair,
2. Hold your hair in left hand and the hair stick below the hair in right hand. 
3. Rotate the stick in clockwise direction from above the hair, it looks something like this,
4. Take the stick up, tip facing the ground. 
5. Prick the stick into the hair, such that the other end comes out from the bottom. And you are done. 
This post is an entry for "Tresemme Ramp Ready Hair" contest by Indiblogger and Tresemme India
This post won me a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2


  1. I like all the ways you've styled your hair. You are very good at it. Perhaps you could stop by and do mine ;-)