10 February 2013

Trip to Mysore - Zoo

I had written about Mysore few months back in my post on Mysore Dasara. I had my brother-in-law's wedding in January in Mysore and we planned to visit few of the places in Mysore.... We had a very busy schedule this time.
We reached Mysore on 21st Jan and it was my B'day. I was given a surprise b'day bash by my hubby, cousin and my brother-in-law...
Next three days we were busy with the wedding and finally we were able to plan out something on 25th...
The first place i wanted to visit was Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, well know in layman's language as Mysore Zoo. All for Maanvi as she had covered wild and domestic animals in her academics and i was sure she would be happy to see all those animals in reality.... And so was i not disappointed by her...
We had heard that there are battery operated vehicles in the zoo campus which carry us and that would save our time... We reached there by 1:30 and got to know that the service was only after 2:30. We felt it would be better to carry on by foot instead of waiting for an hour.... The first thing which caught our sight was Animal Adoption Scheme,

Here we start our journey with birds



Few caution boards put up here and there
And this Fossil tree trunk which is supposed to be over 150 Million Years old

Maanvi was very much eager to find animals and through out our way she was asking where she could find elephants....Next were the animals,

These direction maps helped to convince ourselves that we had covered a portion of our journey...

There is a Zoo Merchandise shop inside, where we shopped for Maanvi 

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  1. Wonderful photos! I love rhinoceros, so I think that one is the best shot. ;-)

    The big cats are great too. Thanks for sharing this link with me. :-)

    1. You are welcome and thanks for visiting.....

  2. Amazing pictures. Part of a royal summer palace and surrounded by natural flora and fauna, with the beautiful Chamundi hills as a backdrop, the zoo makes for a very interesting and pleasant outing. Check out best Mysore tour packages also.

  3. Beautiful pictures and a very interesting post on Mysore zoo. Its a well maintained zoo and visitors should know about Mysore Zoo entry fee, timings etc before visiting to enjoy the trip to the fullest.