4 October 2015

Pampers Premium Care Pants - Review

Its said it is mother's touch which the child feels first after birth. But for me it took me almost 5days till I took her for the first time in my hands. She was a preterm baby, and I was on general anesthesia during her birth. She was taken immediately to NICU even before I gained conscious. A day later I was taken to NICU to have a look at my new born. She was in incubator, busy sleeping all in just a diaper, every time I visited her. Must say, it was diaper, which she felt even before feeling me. I was worried, how she felt, in the closed box, and each time I was told the box would give the baby a feel in the womb and she was perfectly ok. Other thing I was worried about was her diaper. We have always been hearing from our moms and grannies, nappies are the best, they are natural and give the best feel to the baby, and when I used to see my baby in diaper in incubator, I used to be really worried if it bothered her, but I had no other choice but to leave her so. When I heard about the features of Pampers Premium Care Pants a the premium, the first thing I felt was, why didn't Pampers launch it a couple of years back.

That moment when you baby won't notice the diaper

That moment when the baby is in playful mood and the diaper doesn't bother her.

Not to let go the good features of Premium Pants, I handed over the sample pack to my sister-in-law, who has a 4 months old baby and this is what she has to say,

“I was really tired of my initial sleepless nights with my baby, when she used to wake up everytime she wetted her nappies. And I was not ok aswell with making her wear diapers every night and I used her diapers only while going out. Even with few hours of diaper and few minutes of wetted nappies, she used to get rashes, and she looked so relaxed when she wore nothing.

Using Pampers Premium Care Pants reduced her rashes to certain extent and my baby behaved as though she was not at all bothered about her diaper. We ourselves can feel the softness of the diaper and be relaxed they are soft on delicate little bottoms. A drop of lotion added to the diaper, too protects the baby's precious skin. The Wetness Indicator is something I really liked about, I need not check the diaper each time if need to be changed. I would recommand all moms to use Pampers Premium Care Pants to their little ones.”

I am happy for introducing her to a Premium product, which she can easily rely on and protect her baby's precious skin.

“This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

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