26 September 2015

Explore Indian History, Heritage, Culture and Food Through EPIC and #TATASkyTransfer!!!

Off late I hardly watched TV till one fine day I came across EPIC channel. I had come across their posters, at most of the places around the city during their launch in last November, but never did I check it out on TV. Ever since I started watching it, my whole family has become fond of the channel, and its very rare that we even switch to other channels. 
For those who love to explore History, Heritage, Culture and Food of India,  this is one of the channels, you shouldn't miss. 
Travel: While Sanrachna takes you to different monuments of India, highlighting their architectural significance, Ekaant takes to the ruins of the historical places, majestic states of their time which have lost their significance. And Kahi Suni, takes you to the religious places, narrating the stories from the past, be it to Mathura, narrating Lord Krishna's childhood or Kurukshetra, with the battle between the Pandavas and Kauravas.
Food: Raja Rasoi and Anya Kahaniyaan, one of my favourite shows, for it includes travel as well. An awesome narration of food from different states in each episode, with its history and origin. Lost recipes, as the name says, a cookery show from different parts of the country, with recipes which have lost their existence off late.
Facts: EPIC ke Dus, a superbly crafted show, with handpicked top tens of the country, be it the Novels of India, or the top Indian Brands, or the top ten love stories or top revolutions which made an impact on the Indian History. Made in India, is yet another series, which highlights world's top products or service, which originated in India, but the country has lost the patent. To name a few are Sushruta Samhita, the text on medicine and surgery written years back even before the Western countries knew about Medicine or the board games like Ludo which originated from our own Pachisi. Through short videos on the series on EPIGRAMS, they showcase the origin of different products, be it Saffron or tea, coffee or chilly and their arrival to India. Awesome narration, beautiful animations everything makes it a perfect show.
History: Rakkt and Adrishya, non fiction series on Indian history. A must watch show if you are interested in History of the country.
Through their three new shows, Stories by Rabindranath Tagore, Jaane Pehchaane with Javed Akhtar and Mid Wicket Tales with Naseeruddin Shah, the channel has stepped into Indian Cinema, Indian Cricket and Series on Gurudev's Novels.
If all my narration tempted you to watch EPIC channel and you are worried you wouldn't be able to make time to watch them at home, then worry not, try out #TATASkyTransfer. Record, transfer, carry your favourite TV shows, wherever you go. Check out EPIC channel on TATA Sky HD Channel 133.

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