15 April 2017

Skywatch - Emirates Group Building!!!

Hubby was placed at Emirates Airlines Dubai from 2005 to 2010 and was lucky enough to work at the Emirates Airlines Headquarters, one of the best corporate buildings of the world and got to be part of many air shows and witness them so close.
Emirates Airlines Head Quarter Building opened in 2007 is just in front of Dubai Airport and the building in itself is worth a visit. The Airline has its own dedicated terminal in Dubai International Airport and has a tunnel connecting the terminal and Head quarter Building for its staff. They have their Metro station too, which connects the station directly to building.
Headquarter building and Metro station connected by pass way

The Metro train in between Airport Station and Emirates Headquarter station.
Yet another advantage of working at this building for hubby was the view of aircraft's during air shows at office comfort. Below is the pic of Airbus A380 the world's largest passenger aircraft at one of the airshows. Behind it is Emirates airship hangar, the place to park and service the aircraft.
Yet another view of the mega flight clicked at one of the airshows.
Happy Skywatching!!!