27 August 2016

Nature's Forever Society's Bird Feeder, for the love of Birds....

We are blessed to stay amist nature here in Mumbai. Be it spring or monsoon, we have winged beauties visiting the tree next to our window. I have been following Nature's Forever Society's Facebook page since last few days and here is what I bought from them.

The feeder is made of transparent plastic, which shows the level of grain and you can refile as it gets empty. It comes with 4 holes with support for birds to sit and feed on. Birds are quit selective, I used to fill rice initially and birds didn't turn up. Then found birds are fond of bhajra, makai(corn), since then the feeder attracts parrots, pigeons and sparrows. They finish almost 1 kilo bhajra in 2days. The only issue is grain gets wasted as they pick, now I prefer placing the feeder in a dish instead of hanging, for not wasting the grain. Few greens around the feeder helps attract birds sooner. Once the birds get used to of your feeder, trust me they get more along them.

The feeder costs Rs. 95 and the organization is working mainly to save birds than as any profit making product. As mentioned in their site its a best gift to your friends and family and helps contribute to environmental conservation and save birds. I have also kept a bowl of water for them to feed on after grain. I wanted to buy their nest well, but worried about the hygiene and protecting the eggs from predators. Might be I will get one once I am confident about handling them.
Found this nest on the same tree next to my window.
About Nature's Forever Society:
Nature Forever Society, generally referred to as NFS, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization devoted to conserve House Sparrows. It was established in 2005. It is an organization working for the conservation of common bird species such as House Sparrows. These birds are facing the threat of extinction in India. NFS aims to raise awareness on the need to save both the native flora and fauna of India. NFS was founded by Mohammed Dilawar, its Founder and President. He has done his Master’s degree in Environment and Ecology.

15 August 2016

India Celebrates its 70th Independence Day!!!

South Mumbai is one of the best places to visit during National Festivals, with all the Government Buildings light for the celebration. Here is a glimpse of Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus(better known as Victoria Terminus VT) and Municipal Corporation Building light in tricolour to celebrate India's 70th Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day All!!!