29 November 2014

Walls of Bandra and Graffiti

As part of Celebrate Bandra, last Sunday St-art Mumbai(Street art Mumbai) had organized Graffiti workshop. Unfortunately I joined the team too late, as we took more than half an hour locating the Municipal Grounds, where the workshop was scheduled. And then found that the ground was occupied by few local guys, playing cricket and were not ready to vacate the ground. So we gathered at the school campus(I think it was Pali Chimbai Municipal School, not sure though)opposite to the ground, where an artist was working graffiti on the walls. 
As I was getting late and waiting more for the workshop to start seemed impossible, all I did was, clicked few of the other graffitis, from different walls of Bandra. Here are few of them, 

And this building, attracted our sight, every time we passed by this rout.
Aren't these beautiful, how I wish I could be part of the workshop. Am back at Celebrate Bandra this weekend for few workshops and walks, will keep you posted.

26 November 2014

My Diwali Photographs, featured in Colours Dekor

Recently I came across this blog "Colours Dekor", as the description says, it showcases the colourful side of life. Blogger Patricia Torres, shares a passion for Interior designing and Dekor, travel and art, and photography. She share beautiful home ideas on her blog. She know how to play with colours, her house is a treasure of contemporary yet so authentic collection. Every piece of art at her house is carefully picked to go with the look of the house. She was happy to share few of my Diwali clicks on her wonderful blog.
Do checkout the whole set of photographs here,

25 November 2014

Celebrate Bandra 2014

Celebrate Bandra, is an Art Festival held in Bandra, a Western Suburb of Mumbai. The event gives a platform for professional and budding artists to showcase their talent. As part of the event are installations, at Bandstand and Carter Road Promenades. Also are musical performances, workshops, walks, food festival scheduled at different places in Bandra. You can check the schedule on their website.
Here is a Photo essay of few of the installations at the Fest,
An installation representing of one of the Aasanas of Suryanamaskara
Coki Cola(the couple), where male is illustrated with a blue bottom and red top(representing hot head). In contradictory female is represented by red bottom and blue top. The installation represents teenage love, the pleasure of looking at each other.

An installation, where women is represented by a train. The train moving through each station, showcases the role played by women in every day life, with the caption, "Stop Burdening her, she is not a SUPER HUMAN".


Art from scrap

A gallon turned into a bench

Fusion of rocking chair and reclining chair made of Bamboo and other scrap materials

Optical illusion "Face of India", Mr. Amitabh Bacchan, make of scrap

Other side of the installation
"Knowledge is Wealth", a man sitting on stacked books. With fire, representing his quest for knowledge

"Way to Move Ahead" in life, just as in any game
Spider webs on the Tree, made of ropes
An installation made of old cds 

"Space for Romance", a heat map of Couples at Carter Road ;) ;)
There were  more installations at the Fest and few were still in making, as it was just the second day of the Fest.
The installations are through "Palette for change", a community of artists. You can as well click selfies with the installations, and share on their facebook page.

19 November 2014

Godrej Nature's Basket Gift Hamper Review!!

Recently, I received a Godrej Nature's Basket hamper at a blogger's event by Godrej Interio.
Godrej Nature's Basket, Jam, Chocolate, Chips, Apricots, Online Shopping
About Godrej Nature's Basket: Godrej Nature’s Basket is the retail venture of Godrej Group and is today India’s foremost retail destination for fine foods from across the world. Started in 2005 as a single fresh food store, they have today morphed into a 32-store chain of premium gourmet stores strategically located at high street locations in Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Their in-store culinary workshops by renowned chefs and food experts are much celebrated. These mouthwatering sessions ensure that foodies across India celebrate fine food at its’ very best!
Godrej Nature's Basket, Jam, Chocolate, Chips, Apricots, Online Shopping
The hamper is a wicker basket, decorated with a fabric(I don't know what that fabric is, looks like coir/jute) and a bow. I loved the look of the hamper and everything in it. So here is a review of all the products it had,
Quantity: 80gm 
Price: Rs. 199 
Its made of 100% Coverture Belgium Chocolate(which contains extra cocoa butter), the caramelized orange rinds gives it a citrus flavour. The citrus flavour makes if different from regular dark chocolates, and the flavour remains on your palate even after you have finished eating it.
Quantity: 120gm 
Price: Rs. 450 
Its a pack of 9 assorted chocolates which includes Orange Praline, Blueberry, Raspberry, Mango, Honey Crunch, Lemonade, Hazelnut, Pistachio and cherry. Each flavour has unique and sinful taste and just melts in your mouth. I tried the lemonade flavour for the first time and liked it, though my favourite of all is the Raspberry one.

Product Name: Lady Liberty - Flavored Tortilla Chips(Ranch flavour)
Quantity: 170gm
Price: Rs. 250
Its crunchy and crispy, and zero trans fat. Looked for what Ranch is and this is what Google says, "a type of thick white salad dressing made with sour cream". Am not sure how exactly ranch tastes, but this chips is tangy and salty, and leaves your tongue creamy after eating. It can be served with sauces and dips. I liked munching it just like that, but it tasted heavenly with cheese dip. Other flavours include Chili, Jalapeno and Nacho Cheese.

Godrej Nature's Basket, Apricots, Rostaa Apricots, Food
Product Name:  Apricots by Rostaa
Quantity: 200gm
Price: Rs. 280
Rich in vitamin A, Potassium and filled with flavour, these Turkish Apricots are moist, chewy and fresh. Its a quick and easy snack for busy days and for travels. It comes in a resealable pack, which helps maintain the freshness and makes in travel friendly.

Godrej Nature's Basket, Honey, Healthy, Food
Quantity: 200gm
Price: Rs. 230
A product of 'Under the Mango Tree', claims to be 100% natural honey. A perfectly nutritious for kids and immunity booster.
Godrej Nature's Basket, Pico, Jam, Mixed Berries Jam, Food
Product Name: Pico Mixed Berry Jam
Quantity: 100gm
Price: Rs. 210
This mixed berry jam is not overly sweetened, to make the actual flavours of the fruits standout. It can be either used as spread or as ingredient in baking cakes and muffins. My daughter is very much fond of berries and liked its flavour.

Godrej Nature's Basket, Pico, Jam, Red Pepper Jam, Food
Product Name: Pico Red Pepper Jam
Quantity: 100gm
Price: Rs. 210
Red pepper is one of the uncoventional ingredient for jam, but it just tastes delicious. It has a smoky and sweet flavour of roasted bell peppers. My daughter didn't like this because of the smoky flavour.
Godrej Nature's Basket, L'Exclusif, Roasted Peanuts, Food
Product Name: L'Exclusif Flavoured Peanuts
Crunchy, roasted peanuts flavoured with exotic herbs and olives. It contains peanuts, traces of soya and milk. Its a quick and easy snack to munch on. Their other flavours include Jalapeno Scorcher, Fiery Wasabi and Classic Cheese 'N Onion.

Godrej Nature's Basket, L'Exclusif, Roasted Potato Chips, Food
Product Name: L'Exclusif Roasted Potato Chips(Tangy Tomato)
Quantity: 80gm
Price: Rs. 99
These are carefully sun-dried and hand-roasted potato chips, retaining wholesome goodness. So you can be guilt free of having as many, as these are roasted ones. Can be served with L'Exclusif premuim sauces and dips like Mexican Salsa, Singapore Chili sauce and Eggless Mayonnaise. Their other flavour include Masala and Lime, Sour Cream Onion. 

All the products taste exotic and yum. Do visit Godrej Nature's Basket website or their stores(locate their stores here) to shop food items and their festival Hampers.

A Healthy Child makes a Healthy Home!!

Do you cage your kid back home just because its raining outside? Do you worry to plan your winter vacation just because you are not sure of your kid's health and want to keep them safe at home? Or you don't want to have your A/C ON whole night, because you are worried of your kid waking up in the morning with running nose or chocked throat by the chilled air? If you are one of such parents and if you are looking something for your kid to immune them with, then Dabur Chyawanprash is going to come for your rescue. Its just not how much your kid weighs, its how healthy he/she is. As long as you keep them healthy from with-in, non of the external sources can effect your kid's health. 
Its so said in history that our ancestors lived for 100s of years, with no signs of aging and bad health. Ayurveda, was a boon to good health for ages. The ancient system of Indian medicine helped people to stay healthy from with-in, which reflected in their lifestyle. With the ages passing by, the food, water and environment started to get contaminated and so was a change in the lifestyle, which had its impact on the health. The impact got added up from generation to generation. And with the revolution in the industrialization and modernization, the impact got multiplied, in last few decades.
At present competitive world, though we can't get the lifestyle back, which our ancestors lead, we can definitely make changes in our eating habits, which would help us maintain our health. So all you have to do is include 1 spoon(half a spoon twice a day) of Dabur Chyawanprash in your kids diet. Dabur Chyawanprash is scientifically proven to provide 3 times immunity that helps fight virus, flu and infections, its a trusted remedy for cough and cold for a majority of Indian household. Its magnificent brew of Ayurvedic herbs strengthens the body’s natural defence mechanism by stimulating your NK cells (Natural Killer Cells). NK cells assist in fighting with virus and bacteria in your body, thus giving us increased immunity from various infections. And of-course you need not run behind your little brat to feed them, as Dabur's exciting flavours like mango and mixed fruits, will leave your kid, mouth watering and wanting for more.
So no more caging your kid back home, let your kid enjoy childhood and Dabur Chyawanprash will take care of the rest, a healthy body and mind. So, don't you think the Dabur Chyawanprash is just not keeping your kid healthy, but the whole family, now that you are able to plan your winter vacations and also have a sound sleep in the night with your A/C on.
This is part of a campaign by Dabur Chyawanprash and Indiblogger.

13 November 2014

KidZania - Kid's Amusement Park

I was introduced to Kidzania in Dubai, when it was launched in 2010. This Mexican chain of amusement park was launched in Mumbai in April 2013, with the Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan being the strategic shareholder and Co-promoter and holding a 26% stake in the business.
Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania
Kidzania is a global indoor theme park which educates kids through real life role playing activities. Kidzania emulates the workings of a real city but built to scale for children. The experience is made complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles & recognizable role-playing destinations in the form of establishments.
Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania

Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania

Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania
Hubby had purchased Monsoon Discount coupon booklet in August, which entitled discounts on entry and eateries at Kidzania. Kidzania being in R-City Mall, close to the Godrej Interio Experince center, we thought of combining my blogger's event(check about the event here) with a visit to Kidzania. I joined hubby and kiddo at Kidzania after my blogger's event.
The ticket counter resembles an airport, where you collect your boarding pass(ticket) to the Air Kidzania(the amusement park), a traveler's cheque of 50 KidZos(the Kidzania currency) and RFID bracelets(RFID bracelets are unique security bracelet given to both parents and kids for the duration of the visit which can be removed only by Kidzania staff when the visitor has to leave, hence secure the safety of the kids inside the amusement park).
The entry too resembles the pathway of an airport. As you enter the park, the kids have to take care of, and handle all establishments by themselves, parents can watch them and enjoy, and at other establishments like TV studio and Theatre, parents get to sit and watch their kids perform, inside the establishment. There is Parents Lounge too, where parents can spend time.
The kid first need to encash the traveler's cheque at the Yes Bank(which has kid's size ATM machine too). Either the kid can do the cash transaction or get a debit card done at the Bank, for spending on different establishments. 
The whole set-up is very much child friendly, parents need not worry anything about the kids safety. Every establishment(set-up) has the display of age limit, rate/cost(earning marked by + and spending by -), number of kids per batch, and the next batch timing. At every establishment, kids either spend or earn money(thats the service industries like hospital, dental clinic earns you money and spend money at entertainment establishments).
As the kid enters an establishment, his/her RFID bracelet is recorded, to keep track of the establishment the kid is in during that time, just in case a parent has to search their kid, the sensor guides the parent to that particular establishment. Very well trained staff at every establishment, train and educate the kids through role-play.
There are 60 establishments and a single visit of 5hours(4pm to 9pm, the second shift during weekends/public holiday, first shift is 11am to 3pm) which we attended was too low. Though during weekdays it has single shift from 11am to 8pm. My daughter could participate in just 7 of them.
She started with the nursery at the hospital, though she wanted to role play a Surgeon, her age limited her from participating, as they told, they show the internal organs and kid of her age would be scared of it. At every establishment they give the necessary accesories like the aprons to make the role-play more joyful. At the nursery, they give bath to the baby, change the dress and diaper, weigh the baby, feed it, put eye drops and make it sleep. Since parents are not allowed inside the establishment, this was the best I could click,
Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania
Daughter nursing the baby
Next she went to Coca Cola bottling plant, where they are trained in bottling, which includes cleaning the bottle, filling, capping and finally labeling. And the best part, they carry their packed bottle home.
Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania
At Coca Cola bottling plant
Then was the Kellog's chocos factory, the manufaturing and packaging and walk out with their pack of chocos,
Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania
At Kellog's Chocos plant
Next was the Dental clinic which she attended, where they train oral hygiene, along with dental surgery, which included root-canal treatment(injecting anastasia, drilling and filling the teeth).
 Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania 

 Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania
Then was her cooking class at the Bajaj Appliance Culinary School, she make a fruits salad and got a certificate(so called masters certificate for completing masters in art of cooking).
Next was the most interesting of all, at the Chika's Locker fashion studio and runway. Kids are trained and made ready for the ramp. The kids then perform at the theatre next to the studio.
Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania
Shiamak's Dance class and Chika's Locker

Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania

Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania
And they walk the ramp
Next to fashion studio is the Shiamak's dance studio and Bollywood acting school. The kids from these three establishments perform at the theatre turn by turn
Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania
Then was the Paramedical clinic, where kids are trained medicine, then the batch of kids, rush to the emergency spot in their Ambulance, give an emergency treatment at the spot, get the patient to the hospital in the Ambulance and treat them.
Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania

Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania

Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania

Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania
 Other establishments, I just clicked pics of,
Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania

Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania

Kidzania Mumbai, Kidzania
And finally you can deposit your earned money at the bank or shop at the Central store. But the products here start at 50Kidzos. If you have enough earned money you can shop, else deposit in the bank and use it during your next visit.
My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the visit and is waiting for the next. You can check for shift timings, ticket prices and necessary information at their website http://mumbai.kidzania.com/en-us. They have online bookings too, though you can't use vouchers for online booking.