31 December 2016

Drive Through Car Wash in Dubai...

The main difference between developing and developed countries is the use of man power and machine power. One such thing is automated drive through car washing machines. While we in India blame our car washer for not turning up in the morning for washing our car, Dubai offers automatic drive through car washing services.

You drive through the machine and the car goes through the splash of water and cleaning solution. Fast rotating vertical and horizontal scrubbers clean the car exterior. The car is then rinsed with a splash of fresh water and moves through dryer, which drys the water droplets on the car.

Below is the video shot by hubby while driving through the car washer.
While this uses lot of water for washing(which though is re-cycled), there is Eco High Pressure car washer which uses less water at very high pressure for washing. 
Of course these machines have already come to India, but I haven't come across any, around my place. Will definitly post about my experience on using them here in India.

23 December 2016

Sky Watch - The Eye of Emirates!!!

Replicating London Eye, UAE got its "The Eye of Emirates" in 2005. At Al Qasba in Al Khan Corniche, this 60mtr Ferris Wheel has 42 AC cabins which accommodates 8 passengers each. Its one of the known lankmarks of Al Qasba which you find as you enter Sharjah from Dubai. The ride gives great view of Sharjah and Gulf Coast.
The Eye of Emirates, Sharjah, UAE, Al Qasba, Al Khan Corniche

The Eye of Emirates, Sharjah, UAE, Al Qasba, Al Khan Corniche
These photographs were clicked from moving AC bus, during my first visit to Sharjah.
You can experience similar view of Dubai(but definitely not from this height) at the cable car in Creek Park. Below is the pic of the same,
Cable car cabin at Creek Park, similar to that of "The Eye of Emirates"
Travel Info
Visiting Hours:
Saturday – Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 midnight
Thursday: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.
Friday: 3:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.
Saturday – Wednesday: 4:00 p.m. – 12:00 midnight
Thursday – Friday: 3:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.
Entry Fee:
Adults: AED 30
Children: AED 15

16 December 2016

All For Kids at Dubai Mall...


Candylicious, a Singapore based candy brand store is a treasure of famous candy and chocolate brands from around the globe including well known M&Ms and Hershey's. With a luxuriously rich and colourful look with a candy tree, the store not only has chocolates and candies but also Plush and Cushions, bag and Pouches, gifts and accessories, stationaries all of which take the look of candies, desserts and more and more sweets. If you have sweet tooth, this place is never to be missed.


These pics were clicked with my mobile cam and do no justice to the store, its richness and colours, here is one from their online store just to show you the actual richness.

Dubai Ice Rink

The Dubai Mall also features the Olympic-size Dubai Ice Rink that can host international, competition-standard events. Its a family-oriented attraction open to the general public, with regular ‘learn to skate’ programmes taking place. The rink also serves as a multi-purpose venue that can be transformed into a concert arena, or host private functions. A giant 20m x 10m LED screen is positioned at one end of the rink. (Info credit Burj Khalifa)


I heard Kidzania for the first time in Dubai, and when it was launched in Mumbai, it was no new to me and I decided to take my kid. This indoor edutainment has more than 60 establishments, with 80 plus role plays for kids at Dubai Mall. Check out my posts on Kidzania Mumbai, to know how this indoor edutainment chain works and what makes kids to be there again and again.
Vita and Urbano the characters of Kidnazia City(Clicked at Kidzania Mumbai as I haven't visited Kidzania Dubai)

Of course neither Candies, nor Ice Rink or Kidzania are only kids affair. Adults enjoy them equally, so don't forget to visit these with your kids when at Dubai Mall.

4 December 2016

As the sun sets by Buhaira Corniche!!!

Buhaira Corniche of Sharjah is similar to our own Marine Drive of Mumbai, with a wonderful stretch to walk, jog, skate, cycle and enjoy the sunset. Best visited during weekdays, when it is less crowded, the corniche has restraunts as well to enjoy the local cuisine and spend time with family and friends.

That's Dubai's Burj Khalifa between the first and second lamp posts from left.
As the sun sets and a flight carries people, eagerly waiting to join their family back home and birds head to nest with the dusk --- a sight when you get home sick and want to go back home.

20 November 2016

Fascinating Under water Experience at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo!!!

Malls of Dubai are not known just for their luxury brand outlets but also for the attractions they offer. Close to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall offers with attractions like Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Ice Rink, Kidzania and more. More on other attractions in upcoming posts, as this post is for Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, is one of the largest aquariums in the world. With the capacity to hold 10 million liters of water, it has thousands of aquatic animals including sharks and rays. Its 270-degree acrylic walk-through tunnel is amazing, to experience the fascinating underwater life. A special 'lunar-cyclic' lighting system changes the ambiance of the tank depending on the time of day.

Batoid/Ray better known as kite fish in kids
Another ray, with bottom view as seen from walkthrough
Another view

Aquarium as seen from second floor

Underwater Zoo located above the aquarium, also has a great collection of aquatic animals and educates visitors with ecology and sustainability of marine life.

This see through glass dome gives you to click your pic with the feel of underwater diving. You scroll down the fish tank and reach the mid of it and pose for your click.
A wild life themed cafe, a dinning option while you experience wild life.
So when in Dubai Mall you know there is more to Shopping, and experience the aquatic world. More on other attractions of Dubai Mall in following posts.

Travel Info
Visiting Hours:
10:00am - 11:00pm [Sun- Wed](Last admission: 10:30pm)
10:00am - 12:00 midnight [Thu - Sat](Last admission: 11:30pm)
 Entry Fee:
There are different packages, check their website Dubai Aquarium for booking.

4 November 2016

Skywatch - Sabarmati River Front!!!

"Cleanliness starts at home", that is what we felt when we visited the Riverfront Park on the Bank of Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad. The Riverfront Park is so neatly maintained and stands to our PM Modhiji's Swach Bharat campaign.

There is play area for kids and don't expect any good food at the shops on the river front. Best time to visit is evening, when you can spend time in the park and enjoy the park in light as well.
Sabarmati Ashram as seen from Sabarmati River Front

Happy Skywatching!!!

25 October 2016

Ahmedabad chronicles III - Gandhian Trail at Sabarmati Ashram..

Staying in Sabarmati suburb during our two days trip to Ahmedabad, this life size photograph of Mahatma Gandhi at the entrance of Sabarmati Ashram caught our sight every time we passed by the Ashram.
Having visited Aga Khan Palace of Pune and Mani Bhavan of Mumbai, other places associated in Mahatma's life, Sabarmati Ashram was of course a much awaited place to be visited for us. Sabarmati, Gandhiji's residence which was set up to experiment on farming, cow breeding, kadhi and other related. Having visited Kutch, I could easily relate to the textile market of Gujarat and Gandhiji promoting hand spinning in Gujarat's handloom industry. 
Which Indian is unaware of Sabarmati Ashram or Dandi March? The final land mark of Sabaramati Ashram in Gandhiji's life was of Dandi March, which was started in protest of the British Salt Law on 12th March 1930, and Gandhiji never returned to the Ashram then after.

Set on the bank of river Sabarmati, Ashram has collection of photographs, audios, videos, life size paintings and relics from Gandhiji's life. Hridaya Kunj(Gandhiji's cottage), Nandini, Vinoba Kutir, Upasana Mandir, Magan Niwas are few of the cottages at the Ashram.


Coincidently, we got to meet Phalguni Patak at the Ashram during our visit.

Travel Info:
Timing: 8:30AM to 6:30PM, open all days through the year.
Entry free
Visit Ashram website here, to know more about the place.

10 October 2016

Festivity - Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri...

India is the land of festivals. Start of Shravan month in Hindu calender brings with it the festivals. To start with Shravan Poornima(Raksha Bandhan) and to end the festive season with Diwali on Kartika Amavasya. 3 months of celebrations, family gatherings, prayers for happiness and prosperity. Here is a photo tour of this festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri.
This time we had my parents here in Mumbai during Ganesh chaturthi. We had few trips planned up with them to Nashik and around, and in between tried to hop on to few of the ganesha pandals.
This pandal had the theme of corruption, save nature.
 This was somewhere in Matunga, as we hopped on just after dinner at Tambi restaurant.
Navratri Gombe Habba as always is the much awaited festivals at home. This time I hardly got time to start my preparation for the festival and just managed to arrange few of my doll collection at the nth moment.

To add to the Navratri celebration is the tour of few of the Durga Pandals around our place.

Happy Festivity!!!