18 December 2014

Traveling With Kid!!!

I love traveling and have been lucky enough to be married to a passionate traveler and been blessed with a travel enthusiast kid. Most of my travels are with family, and you know what, traveling with a 5 year old is not all that easy. Yes, you need to take every care of their comfort during your travel to enjoy your trip. Here is my list of does, to travel with kids,

Travel At Comfort:
  • Food: My daughter is already 5, but still I take every care to have her wants. My travel bag always has Soya Milk tetra packs, energy bars, dry fruits. I make sure that, she has proper meals with us and in between I feed her with my healthy add-ons. I always carry enough water along to keep her hydrated and prefer fresh fruit juice or tender coconut water to those packed aerated juices.
  • Sleep: Your kid needs proper rest during your travel to keep them up for your exploration. We try to manage our journey during evenings, so that we avoid traveling during mid-day sun and also she can have a proper sleep at night at hotel. Even small naps during short drives wake them up fresh. My daughter always wants her blanket while sleeping. Her fav blanket is the first thing which goes into her travel bag.
  • Clothing: A perfect choice of clothing according to weather and place is a must when you are traveling with your kid. Simple, inside out outfits, which serve dual purposes go great for travels, they reduce your baggage too. 
  • Hygiene/Medicine: I take every care of the hygiene of my kid during my travel, hand sanitizer, wet wipes and first aid box are a must in my travel bag. 
Travel Made Joyful:
  • Keep them engaged in your trips, ask them to click few of your photographs, they would love to do that. Though I always prefer keeping my kid out of technology and games during my travel and want her to enjoy the travel, at certain time, during our long drives, mobile games or video games keep her engaged.
  • Let them free, let them be creative, let them explore the place in their own way, still keeping them safe. For instance, during my trip to Ranthambore I had to restrict her from certain things during our Jungle Safari, while I let her free at beaches to play and be creative with her sand arts.
  • Consider your kid's interest while planning your travel. Travel to places, which would keep kids engaged too. For instance, a trip only to heritage sights or religious places would bore your kid, include sands, snows, water and wildlife to your trips.
  • Who wouldn't love shopping, be it kids or us? Shop souvenirs of their interest. Let alone shopping, trust me even sea shells picked from a beach or peacock feathers from a wildlife safari, would be treasured by them for ages. 
Even after you are back, keep refreshing their travel memories, by showing them those travel photographs once in a while. You would be surprised to hear about their travel memories. So, do you travel with your kids too, do share with us, how you make your travels joyful with them.


  1. Hello Meghana,

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    1. Thank you Jay Shah for nominating me for the award. Really honored..