4 December 2014

Bana, a wild stretch amidst civilization!!

As my dad was stuck with some urgent work, one of my cousins took me, my mom and my daughter to the tour of Hoysala temples. Just when we were heading back to Hassan after Mosale, he told us about this place Bana, which is a small wild stretch, which has lots of peacocks. My daughter, after hearing peacocks wanted to visit. 
An anthill on our way
Bana/vana(forest in kannada), not sure if this is the actual name of the place or its just called bana, pointing the forest. On Hassan - Mysore road, just as you reach Mosale Hosahalli village, take a left turn, which crosses the railway track. After crossing the railway track take the first right. Drive through, ask for direction with local, as there is no driving direction anywhere. You cross two or three villages, then there is a board to take a right turn(to a temple, which is in that wild region). After driving half a kilometer, you enter the wild and hear peacock's calls, which is just a surprise stretch of wild, amidst the civilization. 
Just as we passed a small water channel, we found a peacock at a very long distance.
As you drive through, there is a temple, am not sure about the temple, as there was no board and there was nobody to even open the temple doors, but we found lot of peacock feathers out there. We were told by the locals that there are more than 500 peacocks around that area. 
While driving back, again we were stopped by peacock's call, we could make out it was somewhere very close, but by the time we could spot it, it escaped and this was the best I could click.
 We spotted this beautiful bird too, I couldn't find its identity(updated: its a dove), and lot of beehives.
Bana is around 19km from Hassan. You can reach Mosale hosahalli by any KSRTC bus playing between Hassan and Mysore. From Mosale Hosahalli, Bana is around 5km, for which you can take an auto from Hosahalli. 
You can easily combine the visit to this place, along with the visit to Mosale, Nageshwara Temple.

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