3 July 2014

Yes, Car(Drive) and Connect(Travel) go together !!!

My hubby is fascinated of driving, he started his motor blog too, few years back, but with no time to update, its lying with few of his posts on automobile and auto-shows. And me being a travel freak, both our interests go together. He enjoys his drive and me my tours. Though we are still to plan a long trip by our car, the so called long drives we have covered is Mumbai to Bangalore, Dubai(UAE) to Musandam(Oman), keeping apart, few weekend destinations from Mumbai and Bangalore. With our daughter's academic calender out for the year, our travel plans too start for the whole year as per her vacation. And hubby plans his leaves. So a perfect tour does need a good planning.
Car Connect, so as it called is all about Cars and Connect(connecting you to cars or connecting different places through drives), for all those travel freaks, who love driving.

Cars: The website updates you with Car News and Car Launch, keeping you updated with everything going on in the automobile world. The best feature which I like is Compare Cars, if you are planning to buy a new car and still in the dilemma of choosing the better one, this feature helps you. Just enter the two car details and their expert team will guide you with the features of both cars, accordingly you can choose your pick as per your requirements. Also you can find the reviews of cars from fellow uses, which makes your choice easier.
Car description, feature along with links to reviews of the compared car

Connect: This section is the one of my interests. A place, you get to read travel  experience. Planning your trip and searching travel destination becomes more easier with Car Connect. Select your start point under Long Drive, you will get a list of travel guides shared by fellow travelers. Share your travel experience with Car Connect friends. They award you too, with fancy badges, to flaunt on your profile. Share more to grab more badges. Invite your facebook friends to read your travel experience. You also have Chat Room to chat with Carconnect members and expert team, to get instant advice.
My Car Connect Profile
Scope of Improvement of the website:
  • More options to log into your Car Connect account, with email id or twitter account, as the only option now is with your Facebook account. 
Happy Driving and Sharing, with Car Connect!!!
This is a review of Car Connect

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