21 July 2014

Add Zest to your Life through Travel!!!

Zest, mean and sound different to every individual. Yes for me its traveling and traveling, with family just next to me. A drive with family, what better can rejuvenate your busy routine. Five things from my travel, which adds Zest to my life,
The Journey: I always believe, an awesome drive is a wonderful trip in itself. The drive through those rocky mountains, or flower flood plains, or beautiful ghat on a rainy day, quenching my thurst of drenching in the rain, smelling the wet soil. The drive in itself leaves me rejuvenated, adding Zest to my trip and life.
Drive through Malshej Ghat in monsoon
Exploration and Adventure: Exploring a new city, learning its history and culture, leaves me with positive vibs from with-in. The lives of those eminant rulers and magnificant architecture, leaves me with passion to reach such high glory in life.
A mountain trek or underwater diving, safari in a dessert or skiing in the snows, all rejuvenate the energy in me, to get back fresh, adding zest to my routine.
Desert Safari in Dubai
Food: Tasting the sumptuous cuisines, especially when am bored of my regular bread and butter, and get to taste some yum local food. From Dal Baati in Jaipur to Khandvi in Vadodara, or Mysore Masala Dosa in Bangalore to rasgulla in Kolkata, food adds delight to my travel and life, just like the zest of orange adds flavour to the cuisine.
Gujarati Thali
People: Yes meeting different people from different walks of life, from a Syrian tea seller to a belly dancer, a fisherman at a beach to my travel guide, they teach me thousand lessons of life. Only to make me realise who blessed I am, to lead such a wonderful life, and I am back with more enthusiasm to take up my routine after my vacation.
Syrian tea seller
Shopping: Oh yes, how could I forget shopping. Shopping has always been an energy booster for girls. Colourful dresses and accessories, which I shop as souvenir, adds fun and joy to my travel.
A shop at Dilli Haat, Delhi
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  1. Shopping will be in atleast 90% o fthe girls list
    all the best for the contest !

    1. Haha true..
      Thanks for dropping in n wishes..

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