3 June 2014

With Love, for you Appa!!!

The house was all set to welcome the son, the son who was a husband and a father. He was coming home for a vacation after 2 long years from UAE. Everybody at home were eagerly waiting for him. Then he comes, bringing a smile on everybody's face. There stood a 3 year old girl hesitating to go to that person. She had seen him in photographs and knew he was her dad, but still shy and had a strange look. She gives a glance at her mother, as though seeking her permission to go to him. Mom blinks her eye, asking her to go to him. Father opens up the gifts and toys he had brought for his little one, with every toy, she sits with him for few minutes and runs away with the toy. Finally he takes 2 long days to make her comfortable. The little girl is non other than me and this is what my dad narrates me, every time we go through my childhood photographs. Ever since I have been his Princess and Pride, and he has been my Role Model guiding me at every stage.
Appa(my father) and me
20years later, the little girl is grown up. As so said history repeats, there comes a wedding proposal for the girl from a NRI guy. Father who knew what staying away from wife and daughter was, accepts the wedding proposal only with the condition, that the guy had to take his daughter along after marriage.
Love you appa for being what you are, I missed you then and now as well, staying far away from you and mom. And now while writing this post, am just back from my native, after spending a month with my parents, and badly waiting for my next vacation to meet them.
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