20 June 2014

My Beautiful Food!!

Its wedding season and I always envy my mom when she says, she has a list of wedding parties lined up for the month. Being away from home, I always miss those parties not just for the occasion I get to flaunt myself in party wears, but also for the yummy South Indian cuisines. The perfect blend of sweet, sour, spicy dishes spread over banana leaf. For me, only time of the year when I get to enjoy such food is either during my visit to native or during Onam, when few of my mallu friends invite us for Onam Sadya. The beautiful food for me is a dish filled with a variety of salads(chickpeas salad, sweet corn and pomogranate salad, beans salad and so on) and desserts(kheer(which is mandatory) and a list of sweet dishes) round the banana leaf, follows the main course, variety rice(tamrind rice/ bisibele bath, lemon rice and the list goes on), followed by rice with rasam, and rice with yoghurt curry, rice with sambar and finally rice with buttermilk. The feast ends with fruits salad and Paan. In a metro like Mumbai, where its really tough to find banana leaves, serving this in a trendy Leaves-Fidenza dinner set would just be icing on the cake.
And yes of course my little one likes contemporary cuisine, served in style. Her listing of dishes for her birthday starts much before her day. This is her perfect party menu, assorted cup cakes on beautiful Platter, another platter with her favorite creamy spinach corn tart canapes and kiwi cream canapes, tortilla chips with cheese dip in beautiful Chip and Dip Dish, Watermelon and Strawberry lemonade in perfect tumblers
This is my entry for the contest "My Beautiful Food" by Borosil and indiblogger.

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