8 April 2014

Nature's Friends

With Star Chart App ON on my tab, my little one yells, "Mumma look I found a Lion(Leo) in the sky", laying under the dark sky and watching out for some wonders.
Kids nowadays are addict to video games or cartoon channels. Or might be its we parents, whose over concern of keeping them indoors is making them closer to media. Let your kid enjoy every pleasure of nature, having a butta roadside or playing in sands on beach or watching wonders of night sky on your terrace. Studies say, kids brought up with nature, build a healthy body and mind. Also, the ability to handle work under stress by rural and urban brought up people had significant changes and rural people could handle stressful situation better.
Butta time at Powai lake, Mumbai

Playtime at Juhu Beach, Mumbai
I have been blessed with a kid, who enjoys living with nature. Accommopanying her on my nature trails has boosted her interest. This is what she asked me when we were back from Safari in Ranthambore, "Mumma why didn't we go to Zone 5 instead of Zone 6, I wanted to see Machli, the queen tiger of Ranthambore".
Eagerly looking for wildlife from her canter at Safari in Ranthambore National Park

With her friends at a nature trail(Flamingo watch) by Sanctuary Asia(Image credit: Abir Jain). 
This was what the about picture was captioned, by the photographer, So nice to see these young ones....spending their mornings in places like Sewri to watch the magnificant Flamingos instead of going to a mall or watch a movie on a holiday! Its thanks to their parents for bringing them closer to witness our little remaining urban wildlife!
And navratri is the time of the year, when me and my little one get to showcase our creativity. We arrange a series of clay dolls at home along with idols of god and goddess, and invite family and friends for evening pooja.  As a tradition, plant(which represent prosperity) is grown and offered to god. Check out the miniature forest we created for Navratri Bombe Habba last year, with mustard plant, giving a playful touch to the traditional custom.

Our mustard plant grew so fast, that our tiny animals got hidden just by second day of the festival
So let your kid enjoy and live the childhood!! Let them grow feeding a Hungry bird not playing with Angry Bird, let them grow up watching Capricorn(constillation) in sky not watching Doremon!!!
This is an entry for the contest Nature's Friends by Indiblogger and Kissan.

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