6 March 2014

Sewri Fort

After an amazing early morning Flamingo watch at Sewri Jetty, we headed to Sewri Fort, one amongst the Mumbai Fort Circuits. A fort which is lesser known and seemed like we were the only group who headed to the fort amongst the people gathered for Flamingo watch. The fort is few minutes walk from the jetty.
Built by British on a quarried hill in 1680 this fort was originally meant to be a checkpost. Once British gained power, the fort was converted into prison and later used as godown by Bombay Port Trust. In the year 1772, the fort held-off a Portuguese attack. After India's independence the fort was taken over by the Mumbai Port Trust.
The back wall of the fort is completely damaged and below is the view of the mangrove from the fort. The Flamingos can be best viewed from this place.
Check out Anuradha Shankar's blog on Sewri Fort with a list of forts of Mumbai.
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  1. Never knew Megha... will check out sometime..:)

  2. Do visit sometime Rekha.. But better go in a group, as its quite isolated..

  3. Had never heard of it before, but sounds interesting. Hope to plan a visit when my TravellingCamera is in Mumbai :)