31 March 2014

Antim Kevali Shri 1008 Jambu Swami Jain Temple, Mathura

We reached Mathura around 9am and headed to Antim Kevali Shri 1008 Jambu Swami Digamber Jain temple, where we had prior booking of our room. 
As per Jainism, Mathura is considered to be the nirvana kshetra(salvation place) of Jambu Swami, who was disciple of Gandhar Sadharmacharya of last Theerthankara Mahavir. Jambu Swami attained salvation at the age of 84years in the lush green place of Uttar Pradesh known as Mathura, which was then surrounded by  84 dense forests. So is it called Mathura Chaurasi(84 in Hindi) till today, and considered to be a holi place by followers of Jainism.
The temple shrine has marble idol of lord Ajitanath theerthankar, which is said to be found during an excavation of land in Gwalior. Apart from Ajitanath, there are idols of Neminath, Parshwanath and Mahavir in the temple.
Behind the temple is the idol of Jambu Swami. The idol stands on a tall platform, in a lush green garden. Temple and the idol of Jumbu Swami is on the Delhi-Mathura National Highway No.2 and can be seen while driving.

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  1. Really its very nice,I want to see this.

    1. You must, its one of the well known places in Mathura..

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