20 November 2013

Come, Join Hands with Dabur to Make India An Immune Country..

As mothers the most important topic on our social media groups is kid's health. During monsoons I find one or the other kid in the group is absent to school, and when I went through my daughter's medical records, the last time she visited her doc was 6 months back. How could I maintain such neat record of hers? 
As a preterm baby, she really needed some special care to boost her health and immunity. There is well known proverb, you are what you eat. Instead might be its what you live: what you intake, what you inhale, how much you sleep. Thats, those who indulge in regular routine and have healthy diet maintain good health, conversely who maintain irregular routine and unbalanced diet are found to suffer from ill health.
But its not easy to have a regular routine and balanced diet for a 4year old kid. She being a fuzzy eater, I was always worried about her health and immunity. Must say, I tried everyway to make her have healthy diet. Few of my freinds suggested me to cut vegetables and fruits in interesting shapes, so that she could get tempted of having them. Some adviced to mash the vegetables, so that she couldn't remove them from her dish, but nothing worked. The only thing which came to my survival was Dabur Chyawanprash.

If you try to get little deeper into Ayurvedic studies on immunity, as per Ayurveda, Ojas, which is the ultimate product of what you have and which exists in each and every cell of your body is considered to be vital in the defensive mechanism of the body.
As per Ayurveda immunity is classified into:
* Congenital or Natural: inherited by parents
* Time, season, age: its said the immune power is higher during early morning, spring and youth than in evening, summer and old age. And also climatic condition, its said places with abundance of water, cool and pleasant climatic conditions contribute to stronger immunity. Now I realise why my cousin always said, Mumbai was better place to stay than Bengaluru(no offense to Bengalureans).
* Acquired: This can be classified into rejuvenating, exercise and adapting to wholesome substances.
While you don't have any control on the first two, its the last one where in you can influence your immunity by adapting a healthy living. 
Dabur Chyawanprash: Papa, Mumma and kiddo packs
Dabur Chyawanprash, has the ingradients that help strengthen the immune system,
 Ashwagandha: It has antistress, anti  oxidant and immunomodulatory properties
 Guduchi: It has anti oxidant, immunomodulatory and hep to provide strength. It act as rejuvenator too.
 Satavari: It helps to promote general health. Improves memory and found benicifial for eyes.
 Bala: It has anti oxidant properties and acts as strength promoter.
 Vidarikand: Acts as a rejuvenator.
Its these properties which keep my little one in good health and help her grow naturally.
Being immune just doesn't mean increased resistance against deseases, it also increases the working and exertion capacity, and a power to adjust the body according to the forcefullness of the medicine. Even though adults are better immune than kids, Chyawanprash help adults with its antistress and rejuvenating properties and increased workability. So, now its our whole family who proudly endorse Dabur Chyawanprash.


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