17 November 2013

Bangkok - A Dream Trip

Bangkok is in my forthcoming travel plans. When I came across "World’s Best Online Travel Fair" with AirAsia, I thought of working on this trip. Bangkok is a complete package of tourist attractions, shopping, food and spas. Where old charm meets the modern convenience. Bangkok or Krung Thep,"the city of angels", as known by its inhabitants, offers a vast attractions, within its sheer city.
The first place to visit in Bangkok, about which I have heard from almost all my friends who have visited Bangkok is The Grand Palace. This is conveniently located near most spectacular temples, including Temple of Emerald Buddha(Wat Phra Kaeo), Temple of Dawn(Wat Arun) and Wat Pho(temple with inclinded Buddha and the first Thai massage school). These temples are few among the 400 Buddhist temples in Bangkok. Bangkok gets its name "Venice of the East", because of the numerous canals connected to the river Chao Phraya, "River of Kings". Your trip to Bangkok is incomplete without a cruise on the Chao Phraya, a visit to floating market and exploring cities "back alley" cannels(Khlongs). If you are looking for exploring History and culture of the city, the city is definitely not going to disappoint you. National Museum, National Gallery Museum, King Prajadhipok Museum, Vimanmek Museum, Bangkok dolls and museum are the places, which you must not miss.  
The Grand Palace
For shopaholics, China Town, located on the street of Yaowarat, is where you need to land up. A chinese community dominated trades, which is lined up with shops selling gold, China herbs, fruits and chinese restaurants during day time, turns into a food street heaven after sunset, where you can find food trucks serving some amazing food from Chinese fried noodles to Chinese Iced desserts. Off-course don't forget to shop their handicrafts, Thai dolls and toys, Thai gems, jewelry, gold and silverware and the world famous Thai silk as souvenirs from Bangkok.

ChinaTown at Night
Thai Women working on silk loom

Floating Market
To taste their Thai food, try their food stalls along the streets and at outdoor markets. And if you share interest in cooking and have a day to spare then, try Thai Cooking class, where in you will be taken through the tour of local market, shop ingradients used in Thai cooking, then a demonstration of the process by the instructors and then try yourself cooking these stuff under instructors observation.
After a long day of sightseeing and shopping, have a rejuvenating and relaxing spa treatments at any of their luxurious spas or traditional Thai massage centers. Ancient healing knowledge passed down through generation, provide ideal setting for continuous pursuit of inner and outer beauty.
Hope this homework of mine would turn up useful for my trip and I would definitely share with you all my experience when it would turn real.


  1. Well written and all the best for the contest! :D

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