8 October 2013

Navratri celebration at home, 2013

Navratri has always been one of my favourite festivals. As kids we waited for this festival and visited near by bombe mane(doll arranged at houses) in groups. As my mom is a working lady we never arranged dolls at home and I really missed it. Later during college days, got busy with studies. Only after moving to Dubai that I got in touch with our culture again. Most of my south Indian friends in Dubai had the tradition of celebrating Navratri with dolls. Then my mom got me a pair of Pattad Bombe(couple doll) from Mysore Bombe Mane, and for the first time we arranged dolls at home few years back.
Today is the 3rd day of Navratri, and here are few of the pics of our Navratri Bombe arrangement. 
Main steps

Ladies performing Tulsi pooja, my first festival set dolls

Hubby's collection

Shivaji Maharaj's Fort

A village scene

Forest scene with lake

The hare and the tortoise story scene
Hope you enjoyed the post. Here is my post on last year's Navratri celebration Navratri Celebration 2012.


  1. Nicely arranged.... Megha... Don't know will be able to make this weekend to visit your place

  2. Thank you Rekha, do try to make it...

  3. OMG. Such a nice arrangement. Lovely pictures and post as well. Happy Navrati !

    1. Thank you Bharati Singha, Happy Navratri to you too...

  4. Nice Captures and Lovely Post..happy Navratri.. :)

  5. Interesting,what do you do with these dolls after Navratri?

  6. Lovely pictures. Nicely done . Happy Dasara .

  7. Thank you all. Indu, most of the theme based dolls are packed and preserved for the next year..

  8. Awesome, navratri season has begun people great enjoying with ‘Navratri’ decorate their houses, offices with flowers and rangoli.
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