5 August 2013

My World Monday - Aug 5, 2013

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 photo 40858d48-a140-4bd2-baee-1d9d02f7b341_zpsb4b27c00.jpg
Here is my photograph for the week of Jain Temple in Bhilad. Dedicated to Simandhara Swami, this Shwethambar Jain Mandir was built in 1989. More about this place here.


  1. Jain temples are exquisite works of art

  2. I just clicked to enlarge and see, it is beautiful. You must put some kind of water mark on your shots.

  3. The temple looking beautiful. great site to visit.

  4. Glorious shot of the temple! visit to read my new post.

  5. Thank you everyone, @Indrani: will do that...